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Gastropoda - Murchisoniina - Lophospiridae

Lophospira was named by Whitfield (1886) [Sepkoski's age data: O (Aren-l) O (Ashg-m)]. It is the type genus of Lophospiridae, Lophospiroidea, Lophospirinae.

It was reranked as Pleurotomaria (Lophospira) by Perner (1907); it was reranked as Loxoplocus (Lophospira) by Knight et al. (1960) and Yochelson (1977).

It was assigned to Pleurotomariidae by Ulrich and Scofield (1897); to Pleurotomaria by Perner (1907); to Loxoplocus by Knight et al. (1960) and Yochelson (1977); to Archaeogastropoda by Sepkoski (2002); and to Lophospiridae by Wagner (1999) and Bouchet et al. (2005).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1839Pleurotomaria angulata de Sowerby and Murchison p. 641 figs. pl. 21 f. 20
1862Pleurotomaria depauperata Hall and Whitney p. 55 fig. 5
1886Lophospira Whitfield
1897Lophospira Ulrich and Scofield
1907Pleurotomaria (Lophospira) Perner
1925Pleurotomaria (Lophospira) depauperata Ladd fig. 366
1929Lophospira depauperata Ladd
1960Loxoplocus (Lophospira) Knight et al. p. 207
1975Cyclora depauperata Harrison and Harrison pp. 223-224 figs. pl. 5 f. 8-10
1977Loxoplocus (Lophospira) Yochelson
1999Loxoplocus (Lophospira) depauperata Frest et al.
1999Lophospira Wagner
2002Lophospira Sepkoski
2005Lophospira Bouchet et al. p. 102

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EubilateriaAx 1987

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

G. †Lophospira Whitfield 1886
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Lophospira abnormis Ulrich and Scofield 1897
Lophospira alata Koken and Perner 1925
Lophospira alternans Koken and Perner 1925
Lophospira bilirata Hall 1860
Lophospira billingsi Raymond 1905
Lophospira calcifera Whitfield 1889
Lophospira concurrens Perner 1907
Lophospira conoidea Ulrich and Scofield 1897
Lophospira decursa Ulrich and Scofield 1897
Lophospira dubia Perner 1903
Lophospira ferruginea Donald 1906
Lophospira gumbinense Saladzius 1966
Lophospira gyrogonia M'Coy 1851
Lophospira infausta Perner 1903
Lophospira infirma Perner 1903
Lophospira jaekeli Koken and Perner 1925
Lophospira kinosakii Kobayashi 1934
Lophospira kuckersiana Teichert 1932
Lophospira lyckholmiensis Teichert 1932
Lophospira major Hall 1852
Lophospira mickwitzi Koken 1896
Lophospira milleri Miller 1877
Invalid names: Eunema ventricosa Yü 1961 [synonym], Lophospira aspera Billings 1859 [synonym], Lophospira bicincta Hall 1847 [synonym], Lophospira compressa Endo 1935 [synonym], Lophospira curvistriata Koken and Perner 1925 [synonym], Lophospira excavata Donald 1906 [synonym], Lophospira initialis Koken 1897 [synonym], Lophospira kentlandensis Shrock and Raasch 1937 [synonym], Lophospira medialis Ulrich and Scofield 1897 [synonym], Lophospira minuta Wilson 1938 [synonym], Lophospira perfecta Koken and Perner 1925 [synonym], Lophospira procera Ulrich and Scofield 1897 [synonym], Lophospira seelyi Raymond 1908 [synonym], Lophospira tienshanensis Yü 1961 [synonym]
Lophospira modesta Billings 1857
Invalid names: Lophospira hermione Billings 1865 [synonym]
Lophospira obliqua Ulrich and Scofield 1897
Lophospira ozakii Endo 1935
Lophospira pagoda Kobayashi 1930
Invalid names: Lophospira abbreviata Hall 1847 [replaced], Lophospira acuminata Ulrich and Scofield 1897 [synonym], Lophospira acuta Grabau 1922 [synonym], Lophospira angulata Butts 1926 [synonym], Lophospira aojii Endo 1932 [synonym], Lophospira borealis Donald 1902 [synonym], Lophospira elegans Endo 1935 [synonym], Lophospira elongata Butts 1926 [synonym], Lophospira endoi Kobayashi 1934 [synonym], Lophospira gerardi Grabau 1922 [synonym], Lophospira inconsueta Endo 1935 [synonym], Lophospira minuata Endo 1935 [synonym], Lophospira obliquestriata Longstaff 1924 [synonym], Lophospira perelegans Stauffer 1937 [synonym], Lophospira perforata Ulrich and Scofield 1897 [synonym], Lophospira pulchella Ulrich and Scofield 1897 [synonym], Lophospira pulchelliformis Grabau 1922 [synonym], Lophospira sinensis Yü 1961 [synonym], Lophospira sororcula Billings 1865 [synonym], Lophospira subcylindrica Yü 1961 [synonym], Lophospira subpulchella Kobayashi 1930 [synonym], Lophospira tateiwai Kobayashi 1934 [synonym], Lophospira tenuise Endo 1935 [synonym], Lophospira tricarinata Hall 1847 [synonym], Lophospira trilineata Secrist and Evitt 1943 [synonym], Lophospira turritiformis Endo 1932 [synonym], Lophospira vetusta Stauffer 1937 [synonym], Lophospira yentaiensis Endo 1932 [synonym]
Lophospira producta Ulrich and Scofield 1897
Lophospira rectistriata Raymond 1908
Invalid names: Lophospira bantatsuense Kobayashi 1930 [synonym], Lophospira manchuriensis Endo 1932 [synonym], Lophospira morrisi Grabau 1922 [synonym], Lophospira subabbreviata Raymond 1908 [synonym], Lophospira yabei Endo 1935 [synonym]
Lophospira sandbiana Ebbestad et al. 2013
Lophospira selecta Billings 1865
Invalid names: Lophospira grabaui Endo 1932 [synonym], Lophospira kangyaoensis Endo 1932 [synonym], Lophospira kodairai Kobayashi 1930 [synonym], Lophospira konnoi Kobayashi 1930 [synonym], Lophospira trochiformis Grabau 1922 [synonym], Lophospira trochoformis Butts 1926 [synonym]
Lophospira serrulata Salter 1859
Lophospira shallockensis Longstaff 1924
Lophospira spironema Ulrich and Scofield 1897
Lophospira subalata Koken and Perner 1925
Lophospira subglobosa Donald 1906
Lophospira superba Butts 1926
Lophospira terrassa Grabau 1922
Lophospira tesakovi Kurushin 1986
Lophospira trispiralis Donald 1906
Lophospira variablis Donald 1902
Lophospira ventricosa Hall 1847
Invalid names: Lophospira conradana Ulrich and Scofield 1897 [synonym]
Invalid names: Lophospira angulata de Sowerby and Murchison 1839 [nomen vanum], Lophospira depauperata Hall and Whitney 1862 [nomen vanum]
P. J. Wagner 1999Trilineate selenizone with carina at intersection of base:left ramp (alveozone), sharp sinus.
No measurements are available
Composition: aragoniteo
Entire body: yesg
Adult length: 10 to < 100g
Adult width: 10 to < 100g
Adult height: 10 to < 100g
Folds: noneg
Ribbing: minorg
Spines: noneg
Internal reinforcement: noneg
Locomotion: actively mobileg
Life habit: epifaunalg
Diet: herbivoreg
Vision: limitedo
Comments: BODY SIZE: Data from Knight et al. (1960).g
Created: 2004-10-20 02:00:22
Modified: 2009-06-06 09:50:23
Source: g = genus, o = order
References: Bambach et al. 2007, Aberhan et al. 2004

Age range: base of the Tulean to the top of the Sheinwoodian or 480.80000 to 430.50000 Ma

Collections (547 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Stairsian485.4 - 478.6USA (Vermont) L. calcifera (56488)
Stairsian - Tulean485.4 - 474.9United Kingdom (Scotland) L. borealis (188696)
Cassinian482.3 - 470.0USA (Minnesota) L. perelegans, L. vetusta (56647)
Cassinian482.3 - 470.0USA (Missouri) Loxoplocus indet. (75521 75525 75549 75556 75578) Loxoplocus indet., Loxoplocus n. sp. #1 (75555) Loxoplocus indet., Loxoplocus n. sp. #3 (75520) Loxoplocus indet., Loxoplocus n. sp. #3, Loxoplocus n. sp. #1 (75519 75551 75552 75557) Loxoplocus n. sp. #1 (64612 75523 75562) Loxoplocus n. sp. #3 (75545) Loxoplocus n. sp. #3, Loxoplocus n. sp. #1 (75559) Loxoplocus n. sp. #5 (75522) Loxoplocus sp. (75550 75561) Loxoplocus sp. #1, Loxoplocus indet., Loxoplocus n. sp. #1 (75547)
Tulean - Blackhillsian480.8 - 470.0United Kingdom (Scotland) L. borealis (188699 188715)
Arenig478.6 - 466.0Greenland Lophospira indet. (122108)
Arenig478.6 - 466.0China (ShanXi) L. sp. (8006)
Arenig478.6 - 466.0China (HeBei) L. sp. (7972 7975 7995)
Arenig478.6 - 466.0China (Manchuria) L. aojii, L. grabaui, L. manchuriensis, L. kangyaoensis, L. turritiformis, L. yentaiensis, L. oweni (56136)
Arenig - Llanvirn478.6 - 458.4China (JiLin) L. sp. (21141)

Youngest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state PBDB collection number
Ashgill449.5 - 443.7USA (California) Loxoplocus medialis (69218) Loxoplocus perangulata (69225)
Gamachian449.5 - 443.7Canada (Manitoba) L. bicincta (26359)
Cautleyan449.2 - 448.8United Kingdom (Scotland) L. trispiralis (155414)
Cautleyan449.2 - 448.8Greenland (Washington Land) L. perforata (24162)
Rawtheyan448.8 - 445.2United Kingdom (Scotland) L. trispiralis (73134 153944)
Rawtheyan448.8 - 445.2United Kingdom (Wales) L. sp. (8326 8327 8328 8329 8330 8366 8369 8370 192503)
Hirnantian445.2 - 443.4USA (Maine) L. sp., L. milleri (13606)
Hirnantian445.2 - 443.4Malaysia L. sp. (73357 228935)
Llandovery443.4 - 433.4Russian Federation (Siberia) L. sp. (206319)
Sheinwoodian433.4 - 430.5Sweden Loxoplocus sp. indet. (233125)