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Gastropoda - Pleurotomariidae

Pleurotomaria was named by Defrance (1826) [Sepkoski's age data: Tr Anis K Maes-u Sepkoski's reference number: 661,888,1130. NOTE: many Paleozoic gastropod species still are left in this genus, but NONE belong there.]. It is the type genus of Pleurotomarioidea, Pleurotomariinae.

It was reranked as Trochonema (Pleurotomaria) by Hall (1867); it was reranked as Euomphalus (Pleurotomaria) by Remelé (1888).

It was assigned to Trochonema by Hall (1867); to Euomphalus by Remelé (1888); to Archaeogastropoda by Sepkoski (2002); and to Pleurotomariidae by Swainson (1840), Stanton (1895), Knight et al. (1960), Szabo (1980), Bouchet et al. (2005) and Ferrari (2014).

P. (Anodomaria), P. (Pleurotomaria), P. (Sagana), P. agarista, P. albertiana, P. alpina, P. amalthea, P. amalthei, P. anglica (syn. Trochus similis), P. angulosa, P. antitorquata, P. apicialis, P. arctica, P. arenaria, P. armata, P. atomus, P. awakinoensis, P. bicarinata, P. bicingulata, P. bicoronata (syn. P. sigaretus), P. biondii, P. bittneri, P. bodana, P. brennensis, P. cancellata, P. cancellatocingulata, P. carinifera, P. catherinae, P. cingulata, P. coarctata, P. cochlea, P. cognata, P. coheni, P. comata, P. coniformis, P. coniformis, P. costulatocanaliculata, P. debuchi, P. decorata, P. discoidea, P. doris, P. elderi, P. escheri (syn. P. studeri), P. estella, P. exaltata, P. gracilis, P. gracilis, P. granulosa, P. halliana, P. haueri, P. hectori, P. helicoides, P. hennocquii, P. hettangiensis, P. hisingeri, P. hokonuiensis, P. hyale, P. idia, P. indica, P. indica, P. intermedia, P. isaacsii, P. isomorpha, P. karetai, P. kiritehereensis, P. koatensis, P. kroisbachensis, P. laevigata, P. leysseri, P. lineata, P. mariani, P. mazarensis, P. mica, P. monilifera, P. monilifera, P. multicincta, P. murchisoniaeformis, P. neglecta, P. neosolodurina, P. nikitini, P. nuda, P. obliqua, P. obliqua, P. otapiriensis, P. peneaantrina, P. perfasciata, P. pericarinata, P. perornata, P. perversa, P. planulata, P. platyspira, P. postumia, P. praebaucis, P. proutiana, P. psiche, P. putilla, P. quenstedti, P. replicata, P. retroplicata, P. richardsoni, P. roemeri, P. rotundata (syn. P. actinomphala, P. undosa, P. actaea), P. salomonensis, P. subhaueri, P. subsulcata, P. subtilistriata, P. suessii, P. sulcata, P. thebensis, P. timorensis, P. tricarinata, P. trinchesii, P. turbinata, P. turbo, P. vacavillensis, P. verdachellensis, P. verticillata, P. viola, P. virgo, P. waimumu, P. wanderbachi (syn. P. densa, P. mosellana), P. wurmi, P. yongshengensis

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1826Pleurotomaria Defrance p. 139
1840Pleurotomaria Swainson p. 353
1861Pleurotomaria idia Hall p. 35
1867Trochonema (Pleurotomaria) Hall
1868Pleurotomaria idia Hall p. 393 figs. pl. 15 f. 15-16
1888Euomphalus (Pleurotomaria) Remelé
1895Pleurotomaria Stanton p. 64
1906Pleurotomaria verticillata Webster
1924Pleurotomaria verticillata Fenton and Fenton p. 176 figs. pl. 37 f. 11-12
1960Pleurotomaria Knight et al. p. 184
1980Pleurotomaria Szabo p. 57
2002Pleurotomaria Sepkoski, Jr.
2005Pleurotomaria Bouchet et al. p. 136
2014Pleurotomaria Ferrari p. 569

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797
superorderVetigastropodaSalvini-Plawen 1980
superfamilyPleurotomarioidea(Swainson 1840)
familyPleurotomariidaeSwainson 1840

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