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Gastropoda - Trochidae

Trochus was named by Linnaeus (1758) [Sepkoski's age data: T Mi R Sepkoski's reference number: 909]. It is extant. Its type is Trochus maculatus. It is the type genus of Trochoidea.

It was assigned to Archaeogastropoda by Sepkoski (2002); to Trochinae by MacNeil (1960), Wilson (1993), van den Hoek Ostende et al. (2002) and Bouchet et al. (2005); and to Trochidae by White (1885), Ladd (1966), Abbass (1967), Short and Potter (1987), Frassinetti and Covacevich (1999) and Hendy (2007).

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  • Lamprostoma was named by Swainson (1840) [COMMENTS: This is distinct genus/subgenus from Lamprodomina Swainson, 1840; Lamprostoma = synonym of Trochus.].

    It was reranked as Trochus (Lamprostoma) by Oppenheim (1900); it was synonymized subjectively with Trochus by Hendy (2007).

    It was assigned to Trochus by Oppenheim (1900).
Synonymy list
YearName and author
1758Trochus Linnaeus
1840Lamprostoma Swainson
1885Trochus White p. 260
1900Trochus (Lamprostoma) Oppenheim p. 281
1960Trochus MacNeil p. 25
1966Trochus Ladd p. 37
1967Trochus Abbass p. 2
1987Trochus Short and Potter p. 10
1993Trochus Wilson p. 90
1999Trochus Frassinetti and Covacevich p. 45
2002Trochus Sepkoski, Jr.
2002Trochus van den Hoek Ostende et al. p. 4
2005Trochus Bouchet et al. p. 176
2007Trochus Hendy p. 152

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797
superorderVetigastropodaSalvini-Plawen 1980
superfamilyTrochoidea(Rafinesque 1815)
familyTrochidaeRafinesque 1815
genusTrochusLinnaeus 1758

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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shell height89.714.0020.011.15.79

Composition: aragonitec
Locomotion: actively mobilef
Life habit: epifaunalf
Diet: grazerf
Vision: limitedc
Created: 2009-09-10 08:47:02
Modified: 2009-09-10 10:47:02
Source: f = family, c = class
References: Kiessling 2004, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Famennian to the top of the Holocene or 372.20000 to 0.00000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 358.9 Ma

Collections (214 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Famennian372.2 - 358.9Germany T. nessigii, T. oxygonus (156553)
Roadian - Wordian272.3 - 265.1Indonesia (Sumatra) T. anthracophilus (121984)
Wordian268.8 - 265.1Italy T. adrianensis (108672)
Capitanian265.1 - 259.9USA (Texas) T. sp. (108812)
Capitanian265.1 - 259.9Cambodia T. gubleri (107275)
Pelsonian - Illyrian247.2 - 242.0China (Guizhou) T. sp. (31619 31621)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Italy T. sp. (164208)
Late/Upper Triassic237.0 - 201.3USA (Alaska) T. sp. (112287 112288)
Late/Upper Triassic237.0 - 201.3Germany T. alpis (202142)
Julian235.0 - 232.0Italy T. deslongchampsii, T. strigillatus, T. subglaber, T. tricarinatus, T. ornatus, T. binodulosus, T. zinkeni, T. maximiliani, T. quadrilineatus, T. caumontii, T. quadrangulonodulosus (145649) T. glandulus (144632) T. sp., T. funiculosus, T. toulai, T. subglaber (144631) T. subglaber (144634) T. subglaber, T. bisertus, T. verrucosus (137429)
Hettangian201.3 - 199.3United Kingdom (Wales) T. sp. (33356)
Angulata201.3 - 196.5France (Lorraine) T. tubicola, T. deshayesi, T. nitidus (53947)
Aratauran201.3 - 189.6New Zealand T. sp. (63821)
Early/Lower Pliensbachian189.6 - 183.0Italy (Messina) T. avernus (173593)
Spinatum189.6 - 183.0Serbia and Montenegro T. sp. (73350)
Bathonian168.3 - 166.1Poland T. balinensis (91908)
Bathonian168.3 - 166.1Saudi Arabia T. sp. (45395 48142)
Late/Upper Bathonian167.7 - 164.7India (Kachchh) T. actaeus (24050)
Callovian166.1 - 163.5Saudi Arabia T. sp. (47857 47858 47912)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3Somalia T. ambalensis (93020)