Classification of Whistler and Burbank 1992

G. †Epicyon Leidy 1858
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Epicyon aphobus Merriam 1919
Invalid names: Osteoborus ricardoensis Stirton and VanderHoof 1933 [synonym]
G. †Ischyrocyon Matthew and Gidley 1904
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Ischyrocyon mohavensis Stock and Furlong 1926
Invalid names: Hadrocyon Stock and Furlong 1926 [synonym]
G. †Copemys Wood 1936
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Copemys dentalis Hall 1930
Fm. Antilocapridae Gray 1866 [pronghorn]
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G. †Plioceros Frick 1937
G. †Dinohippus Quinn 1955
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Dinohippus leardi Drescher 1941
Pliohippus tantalus Merriam 1913
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Invalid names: Pliohippus fairbanksi Merriam 1915 [synonym]