Classification of Demathieu 1970

G. †Teratosaurus Meyer 1861
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G. †Ammosaurus Marsh 1891
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Ammosaurus major Marsh 1889
G. †Lufengosaurus Young 1940
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Lufengosaurus huenei Young 1940
G. †Plateosaurus Meyer 1837
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Plateosaurus poligniensis Pidancet and Chopard 1862
Plateosaurus reinegeri Huene 1905
G. †Fabrosaurus Ginsburg 1964 [Fabre's lizard]
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Fabrosaurus australis Ginsburg 1964
G. †Leptoceratops Brown 1914
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Leptoceratops gracilis Brown 1914
G. †Yaleosaurus Huene 1932
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Yaleosaurus colurus Marsh 1891
G. †Thecodontosaurus Riley and Stutchbury 1836
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G. †Rhynchosauroides Maidwell 1911
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Rhynchosauroides majus Demathieu 1967
Rhynchosauroides petri Demathieu 1966
Invalid names: Akropus Lilienstern 1939 [synonym], Eurichnus Lull 1942 [synonym], Rhynchocephalichnus Huene 1941 [synonym]
G. †Gresslyosaurus Rütimeyer 1856 [Gressly's lizard]
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G. †Pachysaurus Huene 1905
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Pachysaurus ajax Huene 1905
G. †Grallator Hitchcock 1858
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Grallator cursorius Hitchcock 1858
Grallator gracilis Hitchcock 1837
Grallator tenuis Hitchcock 1858
G. †Anchisauripus Lull 1904
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Anchisauripus sillimani Hitchcock 1843
G. †Chirotherium Kaup 1835
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Chirotherium barthi Kaup 1835
Invalid names: Chirotherium gallicum Willruth 1917 [synonym], Chirotherium higuerensis Rusconi 1952 [synonym], Chirotherium kaupii Owen 1842 [synonym], Chirotherium majus Sickler 1836 [synonym], Chirotherium vorbachi Kirchner 1927 [synonym], Saurichnites auraensis Kirchner 1927 [synonym], Saurichnites gambaensis Schuster 1936 [synonym]
Chirotherium coureli Demathieu 1970
Chirotherium eyermani Baird 1957
Chirotherium parvum Hitchcock 1889
Chirotherium rex Peabody 1948
G. †Batrachopus Hitchcock 1845
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Batrachopus deweyanus Hitchcock 1843
Batrachopus varians Demathieu 1970
G. †Coelurosaurichnus Huene 1941
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G. †Brachychirotherium Beurlen 1950
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G. †Synaptichnium Nopcsa 1923
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Synaptichnium priscum Demathieu 1970
G. †Sphingopus Demathieu 1966
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Sphingopus ferox Demathieu 1966
G. †Minutipes Demathieu 1970
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Minutipes gracilis Demathieu 1970