Classification of the genus Clavilithes

G. Clavilithes Swainson 1840
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Subg. Clavilithes (Clavilithes) Swainson 1840
Clavilithes (Clavilithes) mozambensis Gliozzi and Malatesta 1983
Subg. †Clavilithes (Cosmolithes) Grabau 1904
Subg. †Clavilithes (Rhopalites) Grabau 1904
Clavilithes arakanensis Vredenburg 1923
Clavilithes atahuallpai Hanna and Israelsky 1925
Clavilithes burtti Hanna and Israelsky 1925
Clavilithes cossmanni Vredenburg 1923
Clavilithes dameriacensis Deshayes 1864
Clavilithes hagni Traub 1979
Clavilithes harrisii Maury 1912
Clavilithes hubbardanus Harris 1896
Clavilithes inopinatus Cossmann 1903
Clavilithes lagunitensis Olsson 1928
Clavilithes leilanensis Vredenburg 1923
Clavilithes noae Lamarck 1803
Clavilithes noetlingi Vredenburg 1925
Clavilithes pacificus Woods in Bosworth 1922
Clavilithes parisiensis Mayer-Eymar 1877
Clavilithes pozoensis Olsson 1928
Clavilithes songoensis Martin 1914
Invalid names: Strombus fusus Martin 1879 [synonym]
Clavilithes woodringi Olsson 1928
Invalid names: Austrolithes Finlay 1931 [synonym], Rhopalithes Grabau 1904 [objective synonym]