Classification of the family Palaeolophidae

Fm. †Palaeolophidae Malchus 1990
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G. †Actinostreon Bayle 1878
Actinostreon gregareum Sowerby 1816
Invalid names: Alectryonia asellus Greppin 1900 [synonym], Alectryonia flabelliformis Nilson 1840 [synonym], Alectryonia flabelloides Schloth 1901 [synonym], Alectryonia potieri Bayle 1878 [synonym], Alectryonia rastellaris Munster 1833 [synonym], Lopha (Actinostreon) gregarea Sowerby 1816 [synonym], Lopha (Lopha) pulligera Goldfuss 1834 [synonym], Lopha (Rastellum) gregarea Sowerby 1815 [synonym], Ostrea (Alectryonia) costata Sowerby 1825 [synonym], Ostrea (Alectryonia) pulligera Goldfuss 1892 [synonym], Ostrea (Alectryonia) rastellaris Muenster 1883 [synonym], Ostrea (Alectryonia) solitaria Sowerby 1892 [synonym], Ostrea (Alectryonia) vallata Etallon 1894 [synonym], Ostrea (Exogyra) semisolitaria Etallon 1911 [synonym], Ostrea carinata Lamarck 1806 [synonym], Ostrea costatum Sowerby 1825 [synonym], Ostrea palmetta Sowerby 1815 [synonym], Ostrea pulligera Goldfuss 1834 [synonym], Ostrea pulligera ascendens Quenstedt 1857 [synonym], Ostrea solitaria Sowerby 1824 [synonym]
Actinostreon marshi Sowerby 1814
Invalid names: Palaeolopha Malchus 1990 [synonym]