Classification of the genus Antepithecus

G. †Antepithecus Ameghino 1901
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Invalid names: Adpithecus reduncus Ameghino 1902 [synonym], Antepithecus interrasus Ameghino 1904 [synonym], Gonopithecus trigonodontoides Ameghino 1904 [synonym], Infrapithecus cinctus Ameghino 1901 [synonym], Pseudadiantus imperfectus Ameghino 1901 [synonym], Pseudadiantus secans Ameghino 1901 [synonym]
Antepithecus innexus Ameghino 1904
Invalid names: Infrapithecus Ameghino 1901 [synonym], Patriarchippus Ameghino 1904 [synonym], Pseudadiantus Ameghino 1901 [synonym]