Classification of the species Cladosictis patagonica

Cladosictis patagonica Ameghino 1887
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Invalid names: Agustylus cynoides Ameghino 1887 [synonym], Agustylus minus Ameghino 1935 [synonym], Agustylus primaevus Mercerat 1891 [synonym], Amphithereutes obscurus Ameghino 1935 [synonym], Cladosictis dissimilis Mercerat 1891 [synonym], Cladosictis lateralis Ameghino 1894 [synonym], Cladosictis petersoni Sinclair 1906 [synonym], Cladosictis trouessarti Ameghino 1891 [synonym], Hathliacynus cultridens Mercerat 1891 [synonym], Hathliacynus fischeri Mercerat 1891 [synonym], Hathliacynus lustratus Ameghino 1887 [synonym], Hathliacynus rollieri Mercerat 1891 [synonym], Hathlyacynus linchyi Mercerat 1891 [synonym], Ictioborus fenestratus Ameghino 1891 [synonym], Protoproviverra ensidens Ameghino 1891 [synonym]