Classification of the family Coelophysidae

Fm. †Coelophysidae Paul 1988
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G. †Camposaurus Hunt et al. 1998 [Camp lizard]
G. †Coelophysis Cope 1889
Coelophysis bauri Cope 1887
Invalid names: Coelurus longicollis Cope 1887 [synonym], Rioarribasaurus colberti Hunt and Lucas 1991 [synonym], Tanystropheus willistoni Cope 1887 [synonym]
Invalid names: Megapnosaurus Ivie et al. 2001 [synonym], Podokesaurus Talbot 1911 [synonym], Rioarribasaurus Hunt and Lucas 1991 [objective synonym]
G. †Lepidus Nesbitt and Ezcurra 2015
Lepidus praecisio Nesbitt and Ezcurra 2015
G. †Lucianovenator Martinez and Apaldetti 2017
Lucianovenator bonoi Martinez and Apaldetti 2017
G. †Panguraptor You et al. 2014
Panguraptor lufengensis You et al. 2014
G. †Powellvenator Ezcurra 2017
Powellvenator podocitus Ezcurra 2017
Invalid names: Coelophysinae Nopcsa 1928 [empty], Halticosaurinae Paul 1988 [empty], Procompsognathinae Nopcsa 1923 [empty]