Classification of the family Synaptidae

Fm. Synaptidae Burmeister 1837
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G. Calcancora Frizzell and Exline 1955
Calcancora kistnai Jafar 1970
Calcancora mississippiensis Frizzell and Exline 1955
Calcancora venusta Reich and Wiese 2010
G. †Prosynapta Spandel 1898
G. †Pseudocaudina Broili 1926
G. †Rigaudites Frizzell and Exline 1957
Rigaudites cuvillieri Deflandre-Rigaud 1949
Rigaudites ernsti Reich and Wiese 2010
Rigaudites indicus Soodan 1977
Rigaudites rajui Soodan 1977
Rigaudites sastrii Soodan 1977
Rigaudites singhi Soodan 1977