Classification of the species Delphinapterus leucas

Delphinapterus leucas Pallas 1776 [beluga whale]
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Invalid names: Beluga angustata Cope 1866 [synonym], Beluga borealis Lesson 1828 [synonym], Beluga catodon Gray 1846 [synonym], Beluga declivis Cope 1865 [synonym], Beluga glacialis Lesson 1828 [synonym], Beluga kingii Gray 1827 [synonym], Beluga rhinodon Cope 1865 [synonym], Catodon albicans Lacépède 1804 [synonym], Catodon canadensis Lesson 1828 [synonym], Catodon sibbaldi Fleming 1828 [synonym], Delphinapterus beluga Lacépède 1804 [synonym], Delphinapterus concreta Cope 1865 [synonym], Delphinapterus dorofeevi Klumov and Barabash 1935 [synonym], Delphinapterus freimani Klumov 1935 [synonym], Delphinapterus marisalbi Ostroumov 1935 [synonym], Delphinapterus vermontanus Thompson 1850 [synonym], Delphinus albians Muller 1776 [synonym], Inia canadensis Desmarest 1822 [synonym]