Rotten Hill locality (SMU Loc. 121) (Triassic of the United States)

Also known as Sierrita de la Cruz Creek, Sierrita de la Cruize

Where: Potter County, Texas (35.4° N, 102.2° W: paleocoordinates 3.1° N, 35.9° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Tecovas Formation (Chinle Group), Carnian (237.0 - 228.0 Ma)

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: lacustrine delta plain; pebbly, red, argillaceous conglomerate and silty mudstone

• "a fluviodeltaic or ephemeral lacustrine environment"; "a progradational lacustrine sequence in which fine-grained lacustrine muds and prodelta mudstones are capped by channel sandstones."
• "clay pebble conglomerate/silty mudstone; weak red 10 R 5/4 with white 2.5 Y 8/2 to pinkish gray 7.5 YR 7/2 reduction haloes < 4 mm diameter; grades upward into fissile mudstone"

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Collected by P. A. Murry

Collection methods: bulk, sieve,

Primary reference: P. A. Murry. 1986. Vertebrate paleontology of the Dockum Group, western Texas and eastern New Mexico. In K. Padian (ed.), The Beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs: Faunal Change Across the Triassic–Jurassic Boundary. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 109-137 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 84271: authorized by Matthew Carrano, entered by Matthew Carrano on 02.10.2008, edited by Richard Butler and Bethany Allen

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Semionotiformes - Semionotidae
? Hemicalypterus weiri Schaeffer 1967
 Perleidiformes - Colobodontidae
Colobodontidae indet. Stensiö 1916
 Diapsida - Trilophosauridae
Spinosuchus sp.2 Huene 1932 archosauromorph
 Diapsida - Doswelliidae
Vancleavea campi2 Long and Murry 1995 archosauromorph
 Loricata - Rauisuchidae
cf. Postosuchus sp.2 Chatterjee 1985 rauisuchid
 Pseudosuchia - Shuvosauridae
Shuvosauridae indet.2 Chatterjee 1993 archosaur
 Pseudosuchia - Stagonolepididae
"cf. Stagonolepis wellesi" = Calyptosuchus wellesi2
"cf. Stagonolepis wellesi" = Calyptosuchus wellesi2 Long and Ballew 1985 aetosaur
 Pseudosuchia -
"Desmatosuchus haplocerus" = Episcoposaurus haplocerus2
"Desmatosuchus haplocerus" = Episcoposaurus haplocerus2 Cope 1892 aetosaur
 Phytosauria - Parasuchidae
Smilosuchus gregorii2 Camp 1930 archosaur
 Rhynchosauria - Rhynchosauridae
 Diapsida -
Trilophosaurus buettneri2 Case 1928 archosauromorph
 Eosuchia - Sphenodontidae
Sphenodontidae indet. Cope 1871 lepidosaur
SMU 67983
 Temnospondyli - Metoposauridae
"Buettneria perfecta" = Anaschisma browni1, Apachesaurus gregorii2
"Buettneria perfecta" = Anaschisma browni1 Branson 1905 tetrapod
Apachesaurus gregorii2 Hunt 1993 tetrapod
 Ceratodontiformes - Arganodontidae
Arganodus dorotheae2 Case 1921 Australian lungfish
 Palaeonisciformes - Redfieldiidae
Redfieldiidae indet. Hutchinson 1973 ray-finned fish
cf. Lasalichthys sp.3 Schaeffer 1967 ray-finned fish
 Palaeonisciformes - Palaeoniscidae
cf. Turseodus sp. Leidy 1857 ray-finned fish
 Euselachii -
Neoselachii indet.3 Compagno 1977 elasmobranch
? Orectolobiformes indet. Applegate 1972 carpet shark
SMU 69649, tooth
 Xenacanthiformes - Xenacanthidae
"Xenacanthus moorei" = Triodus moorei
"Xenacanthus moorei" = Triodus moorei Woodward 1889 elasmobranch