Aalter Sands (Sables d'Aalter) - Bruxelles Formation (Eocene of Belgium)

Where: Belgium (51.1° N, 3.5° E: paleocoordinates 48.0° N, 0.3° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Aalter Sands Member (Bruxelles Formation), Lutetian (47.8 - 41.3 Ma)

• STRATIGRAPHIC RELATIONS: From the Aalter Sands, the upper part of the Bruxellian (B1 or Formation of den Hoorn). Unknown lithostratigraphic relationships. THICKNESS: Unknown. AGE: Middle Eocene, with affinities to Ypresian faunas. STRATIGRAPHIC POSITION: Composite list for entire member.

• member-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: coastal; unlithified sandstone

• ENVIRONMENT: Not stated. but appears to be relatively shallow marine siliciclastic setting.
• SPECIFIC LITHOLOGY: Sandstone. LITHIFICATION: Unknown, but presumably unlithified based on figured specimens.

Size class: macrofossils

Collection methods: COLLECTOR: Not stated in english text. REPOSITORY: Not stated in english text (I.S.T)??.

Primary reference: M. Glibert. 1985. Les Bivalves et Gastéropodes du Bruxellien inférieur de la Belgique (Eocène moyen). Annales de la Société Royale Malacologique de Belgique 115:261-366 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy/A. Hendy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 77611: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 15.01.2008

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COVERAGE: Exhaustive for gastropoda and bivalvia. NOMENCLATURE: Authoritative publication, with use of subgenera and species-resolution assignments.
 Opisthobranchia - Scaphandridae
 Opisthobranchia - Cylichnidae
 Opisthobranchia - Retusidae
 Neotaenioglossa - Calyptraeidae
"Calyptraea aperta" = Calyptraea (Trochita) aperta
"Calyptraea aperta" = Calyptraea (Trochita) aperta Solander 1766 slipper shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Cerithiopsidae
 Sorbeoconcha - Tornidae
 Sorbeoconcha - Naticidae
Sinum clathratum Gmelin 1790 moon snail
Euspira labellata moon snail
Sigatica obovata moon snail
 Sorbeoconcha - Strombidae
Rimella fissurella Linnaeus 1767 true conch
 Neogastropoda - Olividae
Ancilla canalifera Lamarck 1802 olive snail
 Neogastropoda - Ancillariidae
"Ancilla buccinoides" = Spirancilla buccinoides
"Ancilla buccinoides" = Spirancilla buccinoides Lamarck 1802 snail
 Neogastropoda - Volutidae
Cryptochorda stromboides Hermannsen 1781 volute
 Neogastropoda - Fasciolariidae
 Neogastropoda - Buccinidae
 Cerithioidea - Diastomatidae
 Cerithioidea - Scaliolidae
 Cerithioidea - Turritellidae
"Turritella mitis" = Haustator mitis Deshayes 1861 turret shell
"Turritella contracta" = Haustator contractus Sowerby 1850 turret shell
 Heterostropha - Pyramidellidae
 Arcida - Glycymerididae
Glycymeris dispar Defrance 1826 clam
SUBSPECIES: Glycymeris dispar pseudopulvinata
 Arcida - Arcidae
Acar lamellosa Deshayes 1858 miniature ark
Trigonodesma lissa Bayan 1873 clam
 Pectinida - Anomiidae
Anomia primaeva Deshayes 1858 jingle
 Pectinida - Pectinoidae
"Lyropecten (Aequipecten) plebeius" = Mimachlamys plebeia
"Lyropecten (Aequipecten) plebeius" = Mimachlamys plebeia Lamarck 1806 scallop
 Ostreida - Pinnidae
Pinna cf. margaritacea Lamarck 1805 oyster
 Ostreida - Ostreidae
"Ostrea (Turkostrea) multicostata" = Cubitostrea multicostata
"Ostrea (Turkostrea) multicostata" = Cubitostrea multicostata Deshayes 1832 oyster
 Carditida - Astartidae
 Carditida - Crassatellidae
 Carditida - Carditidae
"Venericardia sulcata" = Cyclocardia (Arcturellina) sulcata, Pleuromeris aff. cuneata, Pleuromeris decussata, "Megacardita planicosta" = Venericor planicosta, "Venericardia carinata" = Claibornicardia carinata
"Venericardia sulcata" = Cyclocardia (Arcturellina) sulcata Solander 1766 clam
Pleuromeris decussata Lamarck 1806 clam
"Megacardita planicosta" = Venericor planicosta Lamarck 1801 clam
"Venericardia carinata" = Claibornicardia carinata Sowerby 1819 clam
 Lucinida - Lucinidae
Parvilucina latebrosa Deshayes 1857 clam
Divalinga chavani Glibert 1985 clam
"Monitilora elegans" = Monitilora (Monitilora) elegans Defrance 1823 clam
Monitilora cf. grata Defrance 1823 clam
Pterolucina cf. consobrina Deshayes 1857 clam
Gibbolucina cf. defrancei Deshayes 1857 clam
"Gibbolucina gibbosula" = Gibbolucina (Gibbolucina) gibbosula Lamarck 1806 clam
Gonimyrtea galeottiana Nyst 1843 clam
"Cavilucina sulcata" = Cavilucina (Cavilucina) sulcata Lamarck 1806 clam
"Lucina squamula" = Callucina (Callucina) squamula Deshayes 1825 clam
 Solenida - Solenidae
"Solen (Plectosolen) sp." = Solena (Plectosolen), "Solen laversinensis" = Solena (Eosolen) laversinensis
"Solen (Plectosolen) sp." = Solena (Plectosolen) Conrad 1866 clam
"Solen laversinensis" = Solena (Eosolen) laversinensis Lefévre and Watelet 1877 clam
 Solenida - Pharidae
 Poromyida - Poromyidae
 Cardiida - Cardiidae
"Orthocardium porulosum" = Cardium (Orthocardium) porulosum Solander 1766 cockle
 Cardiida - Tellinidae
Arcopagia hybrida tellin clam
Tellina flandrica tellin clam
Tellina strougoi tellin clam
Tellina goodei tellin clam
 Cardiida - Psammobiidae
"Gobraeus sp." = Gari (Gobraeus) Brown 1844 clam
 Cardiida - Semelidae
Abra suessoniensis Deshayes 1857 abra
 Cardiida - Veneridae
"Callocardia nitidula" = Callocardia (Nitidavenus) nitidula, "Pitar sulcatoria" = Pitar (Calpitaria) sulcatarius, "Callista proxima" = Callista (Microcallista) proxima
"Callocardia nitidula" = Callocardia (Nitidavenus) nitidula Lamarck 1806 venus clam
"Pitar sulcatoria" = Pitar (Calpitaria) sulcatarius Deshayes 1825 venus clam
"Callista proxima" = Callista (Microcallista) proxima Deshayes 1857 venus clam
 Cardiida - Arcticidae
 Cardiida - Mactridae
"Spisula parameces" = Spisula (Austromactra) parameces
"Spisula parameces" = Spisula (Austromactra) parameces Cossmann 1886 clam
 Cardiida - Ungulinidae
"Diplodonta lamberti" = Diplodonta (Zemysina) lamberti
"Diplodonta lamberti" = Diplodonta (Zemysina) lamberti Deshayes 1857 clam
 Cardiida - Erycinidae
"Erycina longidentata" = Erycina (Erycina) longidentata
"Erycina longidentata" = Erycina (Erycina) longidentata Deshayes 1858 clam
 Pholadida - Corbulidae
"Varicorbula brabantina" = Corbula (Varicorbula) clam
"Bicorbula gallica" = Corbula (Bicorbula) gallica Lamarck 1801 clam
Caryocorbula striata Lamarck 1801 clam
 Nuculanida - Nuculanidae
Nuculana (Saccella) striata Lamarck 1805 pointed nut clam
SUBSPECIES: Nuculana (Saccella) striata halestrensis
Nuculana (Saccella) galeottiana Nyst 1843 pointed nut clam
 Nuculida - Nuculidae
Nucula (Nucula) mixta Deshayes 1858 nut clam
Nucula (Nucula) fragilis Deshayes 1829 nut clam
SUBSPECIES: Nucula (Nucula) fragilis convexior
 Solemyida - Nucinellidae
Nucinella miliaris Deshayes 1829 Nut Clam