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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
5783A. Miller Suchomasty Limestone, locality 5 (CZE) Emsian - Devonian 2 - Czech Republic Havlicek and Kukal (1990)
12112A. Miller Zlichov Limestone of the Zlichovian stage (CZE) Zlichovian - Devonian 2 - Czech Republic Chlupac (1982)
12183A. Miller Suchomasty Limestone of the Dalejan, Barrandia (CZE) Early Devonian - Czech Republic Chlupac (1982)
14119M. Foote Coniproetus-Protocymostrophia Community, Prague Basin Lochkovian - Devonian 1 - Czech Republic Havlicek and Storch (1999)

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