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3560J. Alroy Boulongour section, Lower Member, upper lower part Famennian - Devonian 5 - China Lane et al. (1997)
4862J. Alroy Dale and Zhongping Villages, Sipai grab samples, various levels Late Emsian - Devonian 2 - China Zhang and Pojeta (1986)
25866M. Foote Vagrania-Leptathyris Comm., Early Emsian, Nanning Area, S. Guangxi Early Emsian - Devonian 2 - China Wang et al. (1987)
40574M. Foote Baqi section, bed 5, Xiangzhou County, Guangxi Frasnian - Devonian 4 - China Wang and Ba (1988)
40576M. Foote Baqi section, bed 7, Xiangzhou County, Guangxi Early Famennian - Devonian 5 - China Wang and Ba (1988)
58133N. Heim Xiaohaizi Section, Lower Member, Bachu Fm, Tarim Basin, NW China Famennian - Devonian 5 - China Chen and Shi (1999)

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