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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
42793P. Wagner Fort Cassin, VT, Fort Cassin Formation Cassinian - Ordovician 2 - Vermont Ruedemann (1906)
42814P. Wagner Isle La Motte, Division C, Valcour Fm Chazy - Vermont Ruedemann (1906)
56488P. Wagner Division B Beds, below the lower "Ophileta beds", Section northeast of Shoreham Stairsian - Ordovician 1 - Vermont Brainerd and Seely (1890)
171799B. Kröger South Hero Island, Lake Champlain, Day Point Formation Chazy - Vermont Flower (1955)
171810B. Kröger Isle La Motte, east of Jordan Point, Valcour Formation Chazy - Vermont Flower (1955)

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