Reedsville / Martinsburg Formation, Sowerbyella-Onniella community (Ordovician of the United States)

Where: Pennsylvania and Virginia (40.0° N, 75.0° W: paleocoordinates 30.3° S, 55.0° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Upper Member (Reedsville / Martinsburg Formation), Edenian (460.9 - 449.5 Ma)

• Listed as Upper Caradoc. Sowerbyella-Onniella community; primarily confined to central PA, with narrow tongue into Virginia

• member-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: deep subtidal shelf; lithified, fine-grained siltstone and poorly lithified, silty shale

• Thin to medium-bedded fine-grained siltstones and silty shales

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Primary reference: P.W. Bretsky. 1969. Central Appalachian Late Ordovician communities. Geological Society America Bulletin 80:193-212 [P. Novack-Gottshall/P. Hearn/J. Ju]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 77103: authorized by Phil Novack-Gottshall, entered by Paul Hearn on 20.12.2007, edited by Pete Wagner

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Phacopida - Calymenidae
Flexicalymene sp. Shirley 1936 trilobite
 Asaphida - Asaphidae
Isotelus sp. Dekay 1824 trilobite
 Asaphida - Trinucleidae
Cryptolithus sp. Green 1832 trilobite
 Strophomenida - Sowerbyellidae
"Sowerbyella sericea" = Sowerbyella (Sowerbyella) sericea
"Sowerbyella sericea" = Sowerbyella (Sowerbyella) sericea Sowerby 1839
 Strophomenida - Rafinesquinidae
 Atrypida - Anazygidae
 Orthida - Dalmanellidae
"Onniella multisecta" = Cincinnetina multisecta
"Onniella multisecta" = Cincinnetina multisecta James 1871
 Myalinida - Ambonychiidae
"Ambonychia radiata" = Byssonychia radiata
"Ambonychia radiata" = Byssonychia radiata Hall 1847 clam
 Unioni - Lyrodesmatidae
Lyrodesma poststriatum Emmons 1842 clam
 Protobranchia - Ctenodontidae
 Nuculida - Praenuculidae
 Trochonematoidea - Lophospiridae
"Loxoplocus (Lophospira) ventricosa" = Lophospira ventricosa, "Loxoplocus (Lophospira) perangulata" = Lophospira perangulata, "Loxoplocus (Lophospira) abbreviata" = Lophospira perangulata, Ruedemannia lirata
"Loxoplocus (Lophospira) ventricosa" = Lophospira ventricosa Hall 1847 snail
"Loxoplocus (Lophospira) perangulata" = Lophospira perangulata Hall 1847 snail
"Loxoplocus (Lophospira) abbreviata" = Lophospira perangulata Hall 1847 snail
Ruedemannia lirata Ulrich and Scofield 1897 snail
 Euomphalina - Holopeidae
? Holopea sp. Hall 1847 snail
 Trepostomata - Halloporidae
Hallopora sp. Bassler 1911
Crinoidea indet. Miller 1821 Sea lily