Balgowan (Bal 111) (Permian of South Africa)

Where: Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa (29.3° S, 30.0° E: paleocoordinates 66.8° S, 14.4° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: Estcourt Formation (Lower Beaufort Group), Changhsingian (254.2 - 252.2 Ma)

Environment/lithology: delta plain; shale

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: mold/impression

Collection methods: collection made by van Dijk 1957-84, it resides at the Natal Museum in Pietermaritzburg (NMP)

Primary reference: J. M. Anderson and H. M. Anderson. 1985. Palaeoflora of Southern Africa. Prodromus of South African Megafloras Devonian to Lower Cretaceous 1-423 [P. Gensel/P. Gensel/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 14356: authorized by Hallie Sims, entered by Heather Lindon on 01.06.2002, edited by Jered Karr and Matthew Clapham

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• 60 insect and 20 conchostraca fossils also reported
 Miomoptera - Palaeomanteidae
Palaeomantis sp.2 Handlirsch 1904 winged insect
NM 2528 ab, 2599 ab
 Hemiptera - Ignotalidae
Ignotala sp.2 Riek 1973 true bug
Megoniella multinerva2 Riek 1973 true bug
 Hemiptera - Prosbolidae
cf. Permocicada "sp A"2 Martynov 1928 true bug
NM 2542 ab
cf. Permocicada "sp B"2 Martynov 1928 true bug
NM 2543ab, 2544
cf. Permocicada "sp C"2 Martynov 1928 true bug
NM 2545-2552
Stenotegmocicada triclades n. gen. n. sp.2 van Dijk and Geertsema 1999 true bug
NM 2553, 2554ab
Beaufortiscus sp.2 Riek 1976 true bug
NM 2538ab, 2536, 2537
 Dicondylia - Permosialidae
aff. Permonka sp.2 Riek 1973 winged insect
isolated fore & hindwing
 Dicondylia -
Coleoptera indet.2 Linnaeus 1758 beetle
 Coleoptera - Taldycupedidae
Taldycupes africanus n. sp.1 Ponomarenko 2005 beetle
NMSA 2574
 Coleoptera - Permosynidae
Permosyne elongata n. sp.1 Ponomarenko 2005 beetle
NMSA 2571
Palademosyne natalensis n. sp.1 Ponomarenko 2005 beetle
NMSA 2573
 Mecoptera - Mesopsychidae
Prochoristella balgowanensis n. sp.2 van Dijk and Geertsema 1999 scorpionfly
NM 2564 ab
 Mecoptera - Permochoristidae
? Permochoristidae indet.2 Tillyard 1918 scorpionfly
NM 2561
 Dicondylia - Permithonidae
aff. Permopsychops sp.2 Tillyard 1926 winged insect
NM 2570
aff. Permithone sp.2 Tillyard 1922 winged insect
NM 2568 ab
 Dicondylia -
Archizygoptera indet.2 Handlirsch 1906 winged insect
NM 2520 ab
 Dicondylia - Permagrionidae
"aff. Permolestidae indet." = Permagrionidae2
"aff. Permolestidae indet." = Permagrionidae2 Tillyard 1928 winged insect
NM 2521 ab
 Dictyopteridiales - Dictyopteridiaceae
Glossopteris spp. Brongniart 1828