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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
7885A. Miller Lower section, BaoTa (Pagoda) Fm., GuaBaoYan, NanZheng Co., ShanXi Prov., China Longvillian - Ordovician 4 - China Regional Stratigraphic Group of Shanxi Province (1983)
8542A. Miller Xia MaJiaGou Fm., Southern region of QingShuiHe County, Nei Mongo Prov., China Arenig - Ordovician 2 - China Nei Monggol Stratigraphic Group (1978)
8567A. Miller YinGou Fm., AnMen and YuMen cities, GanSu Prov., China Llanvirn - Ordovician 3 - China Stratigraphic Group of Quing Hai Province (1980)

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