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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
14218W. Stein Scaumenac Bay Late Devonian - Canada Arnold (1936)
21131W. Stein Scaumenac Bay Late Devonian - Canada Chaloner and Pettitt (1964)
21231W. Stein Scaumenac Bay Locality Late Devonian - Canada Dawson (1882)
24551W. Stein SUNY-B 146 Scaumenac bay, Gaspe Peninsula Late Devonian - Canada Stein (2002)
26084P. Gensel Escuminac B (= Scaumenac Bay and Miguasha) Early Frasnian - Devonian 4 - Canada Gensel and Barnett-Lawrence (1996)
179176R. Butler Shore of River Ristigouche, Miguasha (= Escuminac Formation, Miguasha fish fauna, River Restigouche) Frasnian - Devonian 4 - Canada Schultze and Arsenault (1985)

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