Magnolia bluff, REN sample (Pleistocene of the United States)

Where: Washington (47.7° N, 122.4° W: paleocoordinates 47.7° N, 122.4° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Olympia beds Formation, Late/Upper Pleistocene (0.1 - 0.0 Ma)

• 16,640 +/- 130 C14 age, calibrated age range 19,556-19,961 (1 s.d.), median probability 19,786 calibrated YBP. Correlative to Quadra Sand (Port Moody Interstade) and MIS 2.

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: pond; unlithified siltstone

• Still-water backwater pool
• Twig-rich silts and fine sands

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Preservation: original chitin

Collected by Robert Nelson, Russell Coope

Collection methods: bulk, sieve,

• The sediments were disaggregated by wet sieving and the fraction remaining on the 300 micron mesh sieve was soaked in lamp oil (kerosene, paraffin oil) and the chitin floated from the mostly organic fraction using water.

•Repository: personal collection of Robert Nelson.

Primary reference: A. C. Ashworth and R. E. Nelson. 2014. The paleoenvironment of the Olympia beds based on fossil beetles from Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Quaternary International 341:243-254 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 167662: authorized by Matthew Clapham, entered by Matthew Clapham on 27.03.2015

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Dicondylia -
Odonata indet. Fabricius 1793 dragonfly
 Hemiptera - Corixidae
Corixa sp. Geoffroy 1762 water boatman
 Hemiptera - Gerridae
Gerris sp. Fabricius 1794 water strider
 Hemiptera - Saldidae
Saldula sp. Van Duzee 1914 shore bug
 Hemiptera - Psyllidae
Psyllidae indet. Latreille 1807 jumping plant louse
 Hymenoptera - Formicidae
Formicidae indet. Latreille 1802 ant
 Dicondylia -
Trichoptera indet. Kirby 1815 caddisfly
 Coleoptera - Byrrhidae
Morychus oblongus Le Conte 1857 pill beetle
Cytilus sp. Erichson 1847 pill beetle
Cytilus alternatus Say 1825 pill beetle
Byrrhus sp. Linnaeus 1767 pill beetle
Curimopsis albonotata Le Conte 1850 pill beetle
 Coleoptera - Heteroceridae
Lapsus tristis Mannerheim 1853 Variegated mud-loving beetle
 Coleoptera - Elmidae
"Heterlimnius koebelei" = Heterlimnius corpulentus, "Cleptelmis ornata" = Cleptelmis addenda
"Heterlimnius koebelei" = Heterlimnius corpulentus Leconte 1874 riffle beetle
"Cleptelmis ornata" = Cleptelmis addenda Fall 1907 riffle beetle
 Coleoptera - Elateridae
Elateridae indet. Leach 1815 click beetle
 Coleoptera - Helophoridae
Helophorus spp. Fabricius 1775 water scavenger beetle
 Coleoptera - Hydrophilidae
Cercyon cf. luniger Mannerheim 1853 water scavenger beetle
Hydrobius fuscipes Linnaeus 1758 water scavenger beetle
Laccobius cf. ellipticus Le Conte 1855 water scavenger beetle
 Coleoptera - Hydraenidae
Ochthebius spp. Leach 1815 minute moss beetle
Ochthebius cf. holmbergi Mannerheim 1853 minute moss beetle
 Coleoptera - Leiodidae
Catops sp. Paykull 1798 round fungus beetle
 Coleoptera - Staphylinidae
Mycetoporus punctatissimus Hatch 1957 rove beetle
"Mycetoporus pictus" = Ischnosoma pictum Horn 1877 rove beetle
Quedius sp. Stephens 1829 rove beetle
Ocypus sp. Leach 1819 rove beetle
Tachinus angustatus Horn 1877 rove beetle
Tachinus frigidus Erichson 1839 rove beetle
Tachinus mimus Horn 1877 rove beetle
Tachinus crotchii Horn 1877 rove beetle
Heterosilpha ramosa Say 1823 rove beetle
Kalissus nitidus LeConte 1874 rove beetle
Micropeplus punctatus LeConte 1863 rove beetle
Aclypea bituberosa Le Conte 1859 rove beetle
Thanatophilus lapponicus Herbst 1793 rove beetle
Stenus spp. Latreille 1796 rove beetle
Dianous nitidulus Le Conte 1849 rove beetle
Platystethus americanus Erichson 1840 rove beetle
"Oxytelus fuscipennis" = Oxytelus laqueatus Marsham 1802 rove beetle
Oxytelus niger Le Conte 1877 rove beetle
Bledius spp. Leach 1819 rove beetle
Acidota crenata Fabricius 1792 rove beetle
Geodromicus sp. Redtenbacher 1857 rove beetle
Microedus sp. Leconte 1874 rove beetle
Pycnoglypta campbelli Gusarov 1995 winter rove beetle
 Coleoptera - Scarabaeidae
Liothorax alternatus Horn 1870 scarab beetle
Aphodiinae indet. Leach 1815 scarab beetle
Pardalosus pardalis Le Conte 1857 scarab beetle
Diapterna hamata Say 1824 scarab beetle
Aegialia lacustris Le Conte 1850 scarab beetle
 Coleoptera - Cryptophagidae
Atomaria sp. Stephens 1829 silken fungus beetle
 Coleoptera - Phalacridae
Phalacridae indet. Leach 1815 beetle
 Coleoptera - Chrysomelidae
Hydrothassa vittata Olivier 1807 leaf beetle
Galeruca rudis Le Conte 1857 leaf beetle
Altica cf. lazulina Le Conte 1857 flea beetle
Plateumaris sp. Thomson 1859 reed leaf beetle
Gastrophysa cyanea Melsheimer 1847 leaf beetle
Phaedon armoraciae Linnaeus 1758 leaf beetle
Phaedon oviforme Le Conte 1861 leaf beetle
Phaedon prasinellus Le Conte 1861 leaf beetle
 Coleoptera - Curculionidae
Sitona sp. Germar 1817 snout beetle
"Notaris cf. bimaculatus" = Tournotaris bimaculatus Fabricius 1787 snout beetle
Notaris puncticollis Le Conte 1876 snout beetle
Notaris aethiops Fabricius 1792 snout beetle
Rhamphini indet. Rafinesque 1815 snout beetle
Orchestes pallicornis Say 1831 snout beetle
Isochnus rufipes Le Conte 1876 snout beetle
Cossonus sp. Clairville 1798 snout beetle
Phloeosinus cf. keeni Blackman 1942 bark beetle
Pseudohylesinus nebulosus Le Conte 1859 bark beetle
cf. Lepyrus sp. Germar 1817 snout beetle
 Coleoptera - Brentidae
Apionini indet. Schonherr 1823 weevil
 Coleoptera - Dytiscidae
Hygrotus sp. Stevens 1828 predaceous diving beetle
cf. Oreodytes sp. Seidlitz 1887 predaceous diving beetle
Dytiscus sp. Linnaeus 1758 predaceous diving beetle
Agabus spp. Leach 1817 predaceous diving beetle
Ilybius quadrimaculatus Aubé 1838 predaceous diving beetle
Colymbetes sp. Clairville 1806 predaceous diving beetle
Rhantus sp. Dejean 1833 predaceous diving beetle
 Coleoptera - Cicindelidae
Cicindela oregona LeConte 1857 tiger beetle
 Coleoptera - Carabidae
"Elaphrus clairvillei" = Elaphrus (Neoelaphrus) clairvillei Kirby 1837 ground beetle
Elaphrus purpurans Hausen 1891 ground beetle
Elaphrus americanus Dejean 1831 ground beetle
"Trechus cf. oregonensis" = Trechus (Trechus) oregonensis Hatch 1951 ground beetle
Trechus cf. ovipennis Motschulsky 1845 ground beetle
Bembidion spp. Latreille 1802 ground beetle
"Bembidion nigripes" = Bembidion (Notaphus) nigripes Kirby 1837 ground beetle
"Bembidion bimaculatum" = Bembidion (Asioperyphus) bimaculatum Kirby 1837 ground beetle
"Bembidion inaequale" = Bembidion (Bracteon) inaequale Say 1823 ground beetle
Patrobus stygicus Chaudoir 1872 ground beetle
Patrobus fossifrons Eschscholtz 1823 ground beetle
"Carabus taedatus" = Carabus (Tanaocarabus) taedatus Fabricius 1787 ground beetle
Pterostichus sp. Bonelli 1810 ground beetle
"Pterostichus adstrictus" = Pterostichus (Bothriopterus) adstrictus Eschscholtz 1823 ground beetle
Pterostichus (Cryobius) riparius Dejean 1829 ground beetle
"Chlaenius interruptus" = Chlaenius (Agostenus) interruptus Horn 1876 ground beetle
Amara cf. conflata Le Conte 1855 ground beetle
"Calathus ruficollis" = Calathus (Neocalathus) ruficollis Dejean 1828 ground beetle
Opisthius richardsoni Kirby 1837 ground beetle
Nebria metallica Fischer von Waldheim 1822 ground beetle
Nebria sahlbergi Fischer von Waldheim 1828 ground beetle
Notiophilus sylvaticus Dejean 1831 ground beetle
Notiophilus simulator Fall 1906 ground beetle
Agonum (Europhilus) sp. Chaudoir 1859 ground beetle
"Agonum cupreum" = Agonum (Olisares) cupreum Dejean 1831 ground beetle
Dyschiriodes sp. Jeannel 1941 ground beetle
"Dyschiriodes montanus" = Dyschirius montanus Le Conte 1879 ground beetle
"Dyschiriodes laevifasciatus" = Dyschirius laevifasciatus Horn 1878 ground beetle
Loricera decempunctata Eschscholtz 1833 ground beetle
 Coleoptera - Gyrinidae
Gyrinus sp. Geoffroy 1762 whirligig beetle
 Diptera - Bibionidae
Bibionidae indet. Fleming 1821 march fly
 Diptera - Chironomidae
Chironomidae indet. Macquart 1838 non biting midge
 Acariformes -
Oribatida indet. Dugès 1834 oribatid mite