S of Bardahessiagh (Ordovician to of the United Kingdom)

Also known as Pomeroy inlier; Craigbardahessiagh

Where: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (54.6° N, 6.9° W: paleocoordinates 21.5° S, 30.1° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Bardahessiagh Formation, Rocklandian to Rocklandian (460.9 - 449.5 Ma)

• The fossils come from unknown positions within the Bardahessiagh Formation (always spelled "Bardahessaigh Formation" by Evans, 1993). According to fig. 2 in Evans (1993) the Bardahessiagh Fm. spans the Rocklandian and Kirkfieldian stages.

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: coastal; fine-grained, micaceous, gray sandstone

• "The Bardahessaigh Formation was described by Mitchell (1977) as 'grey, fine-grained, micaceous sandstones and rarely corse conglomerates' [...]."

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: cast

Collection methods: GSM = British Geological Survey

Primary reference: D. H. Evans. 1994. The Cephalopod Fauna of the Bardahessaigh Formation (Caradoc Series) of Pomeroy, County Tyrone. Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 13:11-29 [B. Kröger/T. Liebrecht/T. Liebrecht]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 89157: authorized by Björn Kröger, entered by Torsten Liebrecht on 07.05.2009, edited by Björn Kröger

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Orthotetida - Triplesiidae
Oxoplecia sp. Wilson 1913
Triplesia sp. Hall 1859
 Strophomenida - Bimuriidae
Bimuria youngiana Davidson 1870
Bimuria youngiana recta
 Strophomenida - Plectambonitidae
 Strophomenida - Sowerbyellidae
Sowerbyella cf. monilifera Cooper 1956
Sowerbyella (Sowerbyella) monilifera
"Eoplectodonta rhombica" = Eoplectodonta (Eoplectodonta) rhombica M'Coy 1852
Eoplectodonta (Eoplectodonta) rhombica
Anisopleurella sp. Cooper 1956
 Strophomenida - Syndielasmatidae
Sowerbyites hibernicus Mitchell 1977
 Strophomenida - Leptestiidae
"Leangella discuneata" = Diambonia discuneata Lamont 1935
Bilobia etheridgei Davidson 1883
 Strophomenida - Leptellinidae
 Strophomenida - Rafinesquinidae
 Strophomenida - Glyptomenidae
Glyptomena sp. Cooper 1956
 Strophomenida - Christianiidae
Christiania perrugata Reed 1945
Christiania perrugata elongata
 Strophomenida - Strophomenidae
"Strophomena aff. norvegica" = Longvillia norvegica, Oepikina sp., Dactylogonia sp., "Cyphomena homostriata" = Dactylogonia homostriata
"Strophomena aff. norvegica" = Longvillia norvegica Spjeldnaes 1957
Strophomena norvegica lata
Oepikina sp. Salmon 1942
Dactylogonia sp. Ulrich and Cooper 1942
"Cyphomena homostriata" = Dactylogonia homostriata Butts 1941
Cyphomena homostriata indicissa
 Athyridida - Hyattidinidae
Hyattidina plicata Mitchell 1977
 Pentamerida - Camerellidae
Camerella sp. Billings 1859
 Pentamerida - Parastrophinidae
Parastrophina sp. Schuchert and LeVene 1929
Liostrophia sp. Cooper and Kindle 1936
 Protorthida - Skenidiidae
 Atrypida - Cyclospiridae
Cyclospira sp. Hall and Clarke 1893
Cyclospira nana Davidson 1869
 Atrypida - Protozygidae
"Protozyga cf. diversa" = Manespira diversa
"Protozyga cf. diversa" = Manespira diversa Reed 1917
 Rhynchonellida - Trigonirhynchiidae
 Rhynchonellida - Ancistrorhynchidae
Drepanorhyncha sp. Cooper 1956
 Orthida - Draboviidae
Fascifera sp. Ulrich and Cooper 1942
"Mimella rotunda" = Salopina lunata Sowerby 1839
Salopina ordovicica Mitchell 1977
 Orthida - Paurorthidae
Paurorthis sp. Schuchert and Cooper 1931
 Orthida - Archaeorthidae
 Orthida - Glyptorthidae
"Glyptorthis cf. concinnula" = Glyptorthis crispa, Eridorthis sp.
"Glyptorthis cf. concinnula" = Glyptorthis crispa M'Coy 1846
Eridorthis sp. Foerste 1909
 Orthida - Orthidae
"Orthambonites playfairi" = Sulevorthis playfairi
"Orthambonites playfairi" = Sulevorthis playfairi Reed 1917
 Orthida - Plaesiomyidae
 Orthida - Hesperorthidae
Hesperorthis sp. Schuchert and Cooper 1931
Dolerorthis sp. Schuchert and Cooper 1931
 Orthida - Cremnorthidae
Cremnorthis sp. Williams 1963
 Orthida - Plectorthidae
 Lingulida - Disciniidae
 Lingulida - Obolidae
 Trimerellida - Trimerellidae
 Craniida - Craniidae
Petrocrania sp. Raymond 1910
 Barrandeocerida - Plectoceratidae
? Plectoceras sp. Hyatt 1884
GSM 103526; figured as Lituites cornu-arietis by Portlock (1843) and as Trochoceras cornuarietis by Blake (1882)
 Endocerida - Endoceratidae
Cameroceras sp. Conrad 1842
GSM 103544; figured as Orthoceras brongniartii by Portlock (1843) and as Orthocers (Endoceras) brongniartii by Blake (1882)