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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
8871A. Miller Deep water section, Transition zone between San Juan and Gualcamayo (Los Azules) Early Llanvirn - Ordovician 2-3 - Argentina Peralta (1995)
8883A. Miller Lower section, Quebrada Divisadera and Los Tuneles (= Lower section, Yerba Loca Fm., Quebrada Divisadera and Los Tuneles, Argentina) Early Llanvirn - Ordovician 2-3 - Argentina - old id Ortega et al. (1991)
8888A. Miller Gualcamayo Fm., Quebrada Potrerillos, Argentina Llanvirn - Ordovician 2-3 - Argentina Volkheimer et al. (1980)
214254E. Vlachos Biohorizon in the "Isograptus victoriae" Biozone of the Huaytiquina section (= Huaytiquina section ) Dapingian - Ordovician 2 - Argentina Toro et al. (2020)

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