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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
49341P. Wagner USNM 32023. Lone Mountain Area, McGrath C-4 Quadrangle (= Center of SW¼ NE¼ of sec. 9 T28N R30W, McGrath C-4 Quadrangle, west-central Alaksa) Richmond - Ordovician 5 - Alaska Rohr and Blodgett (1985)
100359A. Miller Don River USGS D2036 CO (coll. Ormiston 1969) Ordovician - Alaska Ormiston (1978)
113018A. Miller USGS 10632-CO Shublik Mountains section 87NA-1 Ashgillian - Ordovician 5 - Alaska Blodgett et al. (1987)

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