Casil Quarry (Pleistocene to of Uruguay)

Where: Montevideo, Uruguay (34.4° S, 56.3° W: paleocoordinates 34.4° S, 56.3° W)

• coordinate stated in text

When: Dolores Formation, Middle Pleistocene to Middle Pleistocene (0.8 - 0.0 Ma)

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; siltstone

• mud flow?
• siltstones, pelites, sandy to gravely pelites, and sandstones with argillaceous matrix

Size class: macrofossils

Primary reference: H. Alvargenga, W. Jones, and A. Riderknecht. 2010. The youngest record of phorusrhacid birds (Aves, Phorusrhacidae) from the late Pleistocene of Uruguay. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen 256(2):229-234 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 120884: authorized by Mark Uhen, entered by Mark Uhen on 23.11.2011

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Aves -
 Cariamae - Phorusrhacidae
Phorusrhacidae indet. Ameghino 1889 terror bird
 Notoungulata - Toxodontidae
Toxodon cf. platensis Owen 1837 notoungulate
 Rodentia - Echimyidae
Myocastor sp. Kerr 1782 spiny rat
 Perissodactyla - Equidae
Hippidion sp. Owen 1869 horse
 Cingulata - Panochthidae
Panochthus sp. Burmeister 1866 edentate
 Xenarthra - Megatheriidae
Megatheriinae indet. Gill 1872 edentate
 Xenarthra - Mylodontidae
Lestodon armatus Gervais 1855 edentate
 Xenarthra - Glyptodontidae
Doedicurus sp. Burmeister 1874 glyptodon
Neuryurus sp. Ameghino 1889 glyptodon
Glyptodon sp. Owen 1839 glyptodon
 Proboscidea - Gomphotheriidae
"Stegomastodon waringi" = Notiomastodon platensis
"Stegomastodon waringi" = Notiomastodon platensis Ameghino 1888 gomphothere
 Ungulata - Macraucheniidae
"Macrauchenia patachonica" = Macrauchenia patagonica
"Macrauchenia patachonica" = Macrauchenia patagonica Owen 1838 eutherian
 Ungulata - Camelidae
Hemiauchenia sp. Gervais and Ameghino 1880 camel