Kennesaw (Miocene of the United States)

Where: Logan County, Colorado (40.8° N, 103.1° W: paleocoordinates 41.4° N, 99.9° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

When: Pawnee Creek Beds Formation, Barstovian (16.0 - 13.6 Ma)

Environment/lithology: terrestrial

Primary reference: E. C. Galbreath. 1953. A contribution to the Tertiary geology and paleontology of northeastern Colorado. University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions Vertebrata 4:1-120 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Marcot]more details

PaleoDB collection 18220: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 05.08.1992

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Galbreath treated the AMNH Horse and Mastodon Quarry as a possible equivalent of this fauna, but his "certain" records are entirely based on U of K specimens from Logan Co.; in fact, it is in Ogallala beds overlying the Pawnee Creek Fm. sensu stricto: Woodburne 1996a
underlies Vim-Peetz and equivalent to Pawnee Buttes; all three placed at the same level because the relationship of Pawnee Buttes to the others is unclear
"probable" occurrences: Ceratogaulus rhinocerus - presumably type of Matthew 1902d Euoplocyon sp. - not discussed by Wang et al. 1999 Amphicyon reinheimeri Cynarctus saxatilis - presumably type of Matthew 1902c from "Loup Fork (Pawnee Creek beds) of Cedar Creek" (see also Wang et al. 1999) Hypohippus osborni Alticamelus leptocolon Dromomeryx pawniensis "Meryceros warreni" "Meryceros minor"
 Rodentia -
Geomyoidea indet.1 Bonaparte 1845 rodent
 Rodentia - Mylagaulidae
Pterogaulus laevis1 Matthew 1902 rodent
 Lipotyphla - Erinaceidae
Metechinus amplior5 Rich 1981 hedgehog
 Lipotyphla - Talpidae
Domninoides sp.4 Green 1956 mole
"cf. Condylura"
 Perissodactyla - Rhinocerotidae
Rhinocerotidae indet. Gray 1821 rhinoceros
 Perissodactyla - Equidae
"Hippotherium quinni" = Cormohipparion quinni7, Calippus regulus3
"Hippotherium quinni" = Cormohipparion quinni7 Woodburne 1996 hipparionine horse
Calippus regulus3 Johnston 1937 horse
pers. comm.: "C. sp."
 Carnivora - Mustelidae
Brachypsalis modicus2 Matthew 1918 mustelid carnivore
Leptarctus primus Leidy 1856 mustelid carnivore
Plionictis ogygia Matthew 1901 mustelid carnivore
 Carnivora - Canidae
Leptocyon vafer Leidy 1858 canine
 Carnivora - Felidae
Pseudaelurus stouti6 Schultz and Martin 1972 cat
 Proboscidea - Proboscidea
Proboscidea indet. proboscidean
 Ungulata - Merycoidodontidae
"Merychyus medius" = Ustatochoerus medius1
"Merychyus medius" = Ustatochoerus medius1 Leidy 1858 oreodont
 Ungulata - Camelidae
Miolabis longiceps1 Matthew 1909 camel