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2661A. Miller L051. 'Kurrajong Park', north of Gunningbland (= L51. Currajong Park. Was: Gunningbland-Forbes Goonumbla Slope Community, New South Wales, Australia) Eastonian/Onnian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Percival (1978)
2686A. Miller Upper Member, Benjamin Limestone, Florentine Synclinorium Eastonian/Onnian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Corbett and Banks (1974)
2698A. Miller Vandon Limestone Fm, Mt. Lewin Lst Mbr, Licking Hole Creek, New South Wales, Aus Gisbornian/Eastonian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Percival (1976)
2699A. Miller L024. Bingara, Licking Hole Creek, near Walli (= L24. Was: Licking Hole Creek) Eastonian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Percival (1976)
2722A. Miller Quondong Fm, Lower unit, Bowan Park, New South Wales, Australia Eastonian/Marshbrookian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Semeniuk (1972)
2747A. Miller Ballingoole Limestone Fm, Bowan Park area (= Reef 2449) Eastonian/Onnian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Webby (1973)
2748A. Miller Malachi's Hill Beds Fm, Bowan Park area, New South Wales, Australia Eastonian/Bolindian - Australia Webby (1969)
2754A. Miller L146. Regans Creek, Checkers, SE of Cargo (= Was: Regans Creek Limestone Fm., Checkers Mbr, Cargo District, New South Wales, Austr) Eastonian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Percival (1991)
26238M. Foote Top of Benjamin Limestone, Westfield Syncline, Florentine Valley, Tasmania Onnian - Ordovician 4 - Australia Banks (1988)

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