House Range, Middle Saukiella junia subzone, Notch Peak Fm. (Cambrian of the United States)

Where: Utah (39.2° N, 113.4° W: paleocoordinates 4.5° S, 93.5° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

When: Red Tops Member (Notch Peak Formation), Cambrian (541.0 - 485.4 Ma)

• "lower Tremp., middle Saukiella junia subzone"

Environment/lithology: shallow subtidal; ooidal carbonate

• "Carbonate: oolitic and skeletal grainstone. shallow subtidal (carbonate bank) BA3. stable miiogeocline."

Size class: macrofossils

Primary reference: M. E. Taylor and A. R. Palmer. 1981. Cambrian stratigraphy and paleontology of the Great Basin and vicinity, western United States; 2nd international symposium on the Cambrian System. Guidebook for Field Trip 1 1-107 [M. Uhen/J. Ju/M. Uhen]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 259: authorized by Jack Sepkoski, entered by Mike Sommers on 20.11.1998

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• "Taylor and Palmer, 1981. Camb. Symp. Guidebook, Trip 1. p107."
 Corynexochida - Illaenuridae
Illaenurus sp. Hall 1863 trilobite
 Harpida - Harpetidae
Bowmania sp. Walcott 1925 trilobite
2 species
  - Dikelocephalidae
Saukia sp. Walcott 1914 trilobite
Saukiella sp. Ulrich and Resser 1933 trilobite
2 species
Prosaukia sp. Ulrich and Resser 1933 trilobite
 Ptychopariida -
Biscoia sp. Salmon 1962 trilobite
 Asaphida - Ptychaspididae
Idiomesus sp. Raymond 1924 trilobite
Euptychaspis sp. Ulrich 1931 trilobite
 Asaphida - Eurekiidae
Eurekia sp. Walcott 1924 trilobite
Bayfieldia sp. Clark 1924 trilobite
Hyolitha indet. Marek 1963
 Billingsellida - Billingsellidae
? Billingsella sp. Hall and Clarke 1892
originally entered as "? Billingsella sp."
 Helcionellida - Coreospiridae
Owenella sp. Ulrich and Scofield 1897
 Mimospirida - Onychochilidae
? Matherella sp. Walcott 1912
originally entered as "? Matherella sp."
 Cyrtonellida - Cyrtolitidae
? Sinuella sp. Knight 1947
originally entered as "? Sinuella sp."
 Paleoloricata - Mattheviidae
? Matthevia sp. Walcott 1885 chiton
originally entered as "? Matthevia sp."
? Eocrinoidea indet. Jaekel 1918
originally entered as "? Eocrinoidea indet."
 Hyolithelminthida -
Hexactinellida indet. Schmidt 1870 glass sponge