Dombar Hills, North Kazachstan (Carboniferous of Kazakhstan)

Where: Kazakhstan (50.3° N, 57.2° E: paleocoordinates 14.6° N, 38.2° E)

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: E1 zone, Pendleian (326.4 - 318.1 Ma)

• no formation name given.

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; poorly lithified, shelly/skeletal, yellow wackestone and marl

• blastoid limestone main composed of the entice calices...interbedded with yellowish marls, easily weathering.

Primary reference: Y. A. Arendt, A. Breimer, and D. B. Macurda. 1968. A new blastoid fauna from the lower Namurian of North Kazachstan (U.S.S.R.). Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wettenschappen. Series B: Palaeontology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Anthropology 71(3):159-174 [J. Alroy/M. Sommers]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 8421: authorized by John Alroy, entered by Mike Sommers on 11.07.2000, edited by Matthew Clapham

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Authors imply that they are relying at least in part on the observations of other scientists as to what cephalopod fauna is present. They also concentrated on cephalopods and blastoids, mentioning there were other taxa present (brachs, bryozoans, corals, etc.) but made no effort to ID or list them except one tabulate coral.
Trilobita indet. Walch 1771 trilobite
Brachiopoda indet. Cuvier 1805
Bivalvia indet. Linnaeus 1758 clam
Gastropoda indet. Cuvier 1797 snail
 Orthocerida -
 Orthocerida - Orthoceratidae
 Orthocerida -
 Bactritida - Bactritidae
 Goniatitida - Prionoceratidae
Irinoceras arcuatum Ruzhentsev 1947 ammonite
 Goniatitida - Delepinoceratidae
Platygoniatites molaris Ruzhentsev 1956 ammonite
Dombarites tectus Librovitch 1957 ammonite
 Goniatitida - Berkhoceratidae
Kazakhoceras hawkinsi Moore 1930 ammonite
 Goniatitida - Rhymmoceratidae
Rhymmoceras vermiculatum Ruzhentsev 1958 ammonite
 Goniatitida - Cravenoceratidae
Tympanoceras trisulcatum Ruzhentsev 1958 ammonite
 Prolecanitida - Pronoritidae
Uralopronorites mirus Librovitch 1949 ammonite
 Prolecanitida - Daraelitidae
"Epicanites aktubensis" = Praedaraelites aktubensis
"Epicanites aktubensis" = Praedaraelites aktubensis Ruzhentsev 1949 ammonite
 Prolecanitida - Prolecanitidae
Dombarocanites chancharensis Ruzhentsev 1949 ammonite
Prolecanites librovitchi Ruzhentsev 1949 ammonite
 Nautilida - Liroceratidae
Peripetoceras cautum Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Liroceras ruzhencevi Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Bistrialites bimembris Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Ephippoceratidae
Ephippioceras sphaericum Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Gzheloceratidae
Tylonautilus mergus Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Koninckioceratidae
"Temnocheilus coronatiforme" = Temnocheilus coronatiformae, Knightoceras lena
"Temnocheilus coronatiforme" = Temnocheilus coronatiformae Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Knightoceras lena Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Mosquoceratidae
Articheilus sp. Ruzhentsev and Shimanskiy 1954 nautiloid
 Nautilida -
Catastroboceras consanguineum n. sp. Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Catastroboceras quadratum Fleming 1828 nautiloid
Catastroboceras subsulcatiformae Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Pseudostenopoceras lenticulare Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Scyphoceratidae
Scyphoceras primulum Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Aipoceratidae
Asymptoceras sp. Ryckholt 1852 nautiloid
Asymptoceras pyxis Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Trigonoceratidae
Lispoceras proconsul n. sp. Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Rineceras sp. Hyatt 1893 nautiloid
sp. 1 and sp. 2
Rineceras canaliculatum Eichwald 1857 nautiloid
Epistroboceras chancharense Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Epistroboceras gracile Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Subclymenia ornata Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Grypoceratidae
Epidomatoceras doohylense Foord 1900 nautiloid
? Epidomatoceras vivum Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Nautilida - Centroceratidae
? Diorugoceras egregium Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Phacoceras semirutum Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
Phacoceras electum Shimanskiy 1967 nautiloid
 Pseudorthocerida - Spyroceratidae
 Pseudorthocerida - Pseudorthoceratidae
Paraloxoceras lidiae
authors have it spelled Paralaxoceras, not that spelling in Sepkos.
 Oncocerida - Poterioceratidae
 Oncocerida -
 Orthoceratoidea - Brachycycloceratidae
Bryozoa indet. Ehrenberg 1831
 Fissiculata - Phaenoschismatidae
 Fissiculata -
Mastoblastus ornatus n. gen. n. sp.
Mastoblastus ornatus n. gen. n. sp. Arendt et al. 1968
 Fissiculata - Codasteridae
 Fissiculata -
Coelenterata indet. Hatschek 1888
several sp. corals including tabulates
 Auloporida - Auloporidae
Aulopora sp. Goldfuss 1829 tabulate coral