OMNH 40-V: Late/Upper Campanian, New Mexico
collected by Stovall & Savage 1940

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Taxonomic list
Reptilia - Avetheropoda
Albertosaurus sp. Osborn 1905
Kues et al. 1977 1 individual
OMNH 10131 (1 measurement)
    = Aublysodon cf. mirandus Leidy 1868
Lehman and Carpenter 1990
    = Daspletosaurus sp. Russell 1970
Carr and Williamson 2000
    = Bistahieversor sealeyi Carr and Williamson 2010
Carr and Williamson 2010
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Country:United States State/province:New Mexico County:San Juan
Coordinates: 36.1° North, 108.0° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:43.3° North, 79.4° West
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Geographic resolution:local area
Period:Cretaceous Epoch:Late/Upper Cretaceous
Stage:Campanian 10 m.y. bin:Cretaceous 7
*Period:Late/Upper Cretaceous *Epoch:Senonian
Key time interval:Late/Upper Campanian
Age range of interval:83.50000 - 70.60000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Stratigraphic resolution:member
Stratigraphy comments: Precise stratigraphic horizon unknown (specimen collected in 1940); also referred to lower part of Kirtland Shale. Referred "with some confidence" to the Hunter Wash local fauna.
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: not reported
Lithology description: none given
Environment:terrestrial indet.
Geology comments: no details given
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:good
Articulated whole bodies:none
Disassociated major elements:all
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:selective quarrying,mechanical,field collection
Collection size:1 individuals
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Collectors:Stovall & Savage Collection dates:1940
Also known as:Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wash
Database number:12584
Authorizer:M. Carrano Enterer:M. Carrano
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Reference information

Primary reference:

4247.5% 19880T. M. Lehman and K. Carpenter. 1990. A partial skeleton of the tyrannosaurid dinosaur Aublysodon from the Upper Cretaceous of New Mexico. Journal of Paleontology 64(6):1026-1032 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]

Secondary references:

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