Comallo: Colloncuran, Argentina
collected by Guillermo Aguirre-Zabala

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Taxonomic list
Mammalia - Myrmecophagidae
? Neotamandua australis n. sp. Scillato-Yané and Carlini 1998
McDonald et al. 2008 2 specimens
MLP 91-IX-6-5, humerus, holotype; MLP 91-IX-4-23, distal humerus
Reptilia - Theropoda - Phorusrhacidae
Kelenken guillermoi n. gen., n. sp. Bertelli et al. 2007
Reptilia - Testudines - Testudinidae
Chelonoidis cf. gringorum (Simpson 1942)
de Broin and de la Fuente 1993
APB collection
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Country:Argentina State/province:Río Negro
Coordinates: 41.0° South, 70.3° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:41.6° South, 65.8° West
Basis of coordinate:stated in text
Altitude:790 meters
Geographic resolution:small collection
Period: Neogene Epoch: Miocene
10 m.y. bin: Cenozoic 5
Key time interval: Colloncuran
Age range of interval: 15.4 - 13.7 m.y. ago
Formation:Collón Curá
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Stratigraphy comments: "outcrops probably belonging to the pyroclastic Collón Curá Formation... Conlloncuran SALMA... middle Miocene"
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:white tuff
Lithology description: "whitish tuffs"
Environment:terrestrial indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Associated major elements:all
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:survey of museum collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Collectors:Guillermo Aguirre-Zabala
Collection method comments: specimen is in the Museo Asociación Palaeontológica Bariloche
Database number:74646
Authorizer:J. Alroy, E. Vlachos, J. Zijlstra Enterer:J. Alroy, E. Vlachos, J. Zijlstra
Modifier:M. Kouvari Research group:vertebrate
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Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

25131. S. Bertelli, L. M. Chiappe, and C. Tambussi. 2007. A new phorusrhacid (Aves: Cariamae) from the Middle Miocene of Patagonia, Argentina. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 27(2):409-419 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Alroy]

Secondary references:

42415 F. de Broin and M. de la Fuente. 1993. Les tortues fossiles d'Argentine: synthese [The fossil turtles of Argentina: synthesis]. Annales de Paléontologie (Invertebrés-Vertebrés) 79(3):169-232 [R. Benson/R. Benson/M. Carrano]
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