Rumija Mountains: Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian, Serbia and Montenegro

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Taxonomic list
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Montlivaltiidae
Montlivaltia cf. dilatata (Michelin 1843)
Montlivaltia cf. variabilis Koby 1883
Montlivaltia cornutiformis Gregory 1900
var. elliptica
Montlivaltia aff. crassisepta Fromentel 1861
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Rhipidogyridae
Placogyra cf. felixi Koby 1904
Rhipidogyra meandra n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Aplosmilia rotunda n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Aplosmilia cf. semisulcata (Michelin 1843)
Aplosmilia grandicosta n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Phytogyra densasepta n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Phytogyra costata n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Latomeandridae
Comophyllia dichotoma n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Comophyllia ostrosi n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Microsolenidae
Dermoseris granulum n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Andemantastraeidae
Krainastraea murici n. gen., n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Dermosmiliidae
Dermosmilia labeata n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Epistreptophyllum bonjouri (Etallon 1862)
Epistreptophyllum ellipsoides n. sp. Krkovic 1965
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Stylinidae
Heliocoenia cf. variabilis Etallon 1859
Stylosmilia michelini Milne-Edwards and Haime 1848
Stylosmilia suevica Becker 1875
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Country:Serbia and Montenegro
Coordinates: 42.2° North, 19.2° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:27.0° North, 22.5° East
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Geographic resolution:local area
Period:Jurassic Epoch:Late/Upper Jurassic
10 m.y. bin:Jurassic 5
Key time interval:Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian
Age range of interval:163.50000 - 152.10000 m.y. ago
Stratigraphic resolution:group of beds
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: lithified "limestone"
Environment:carbonate indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:good
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:peel or thin section,field collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Database number:85906
Authorizer:W. Kiessling Enterer:U. Merkel
Research group:marine invertebrate
Created:2009-01-19 01:21:37 Last modified:2009-01-19 03:21:37
Access level:authorizer only Released:2010-01-08 10:39:56
Creative Commons license:CC BY
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Primary reference:

28975. D. Krkovic. 1965. Koralska fauna sa severnih padina planine Rumije (Crna Gora) [Coral fauna from the northern Rumija Mountains (Montenegro). Zavod za Geoloska Istrazivanja Crne Gore, Geoloski Glasnik 4:155-181 [W. Kiessling/U. Merkel]