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Collection Authorizer Collection name Reference
13779J. Alroy Barranca south of Lago Colhue-Huapi, Gran Barranca (coll. Ameghino, Williams, Herrera, Stein, Scarritt Expedition, Sternberg, Marshall, Gutierrez) Middle Eocene - Argentina Simpson (1935)
14211J. Alroy Cabeza Blanca (= Loomis Locality) Deseadan - Argentina Ameghino (1897)
176285J. Zijlstra Casamayoran of Patagonia (coll. Carlos Ameghino 1900) Middle Eocene/Late Eocene - Argentina Ameghino (1897)
176647J. Zijlstra Deseadan of Patagonia (coll. Ameghino) Deseadan - Argentina Ameghino (1897)

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