Split Lip Flats (NMMNH Loc. 7779): Late/Upper Campanian, New Mexico

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Taxonomic list
Reptilia - Iguanodontipodidae
Caririchnium sp. Leonardi 1984
5 specimens
NMMNH P-63031 to 63035
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Country:United States State/province:New Mexico County:San Juan
Coordinates: 36.3° North, 108.0° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:43.6° North, 79.3° West
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Altitude:1948 meters
Geographic resolution:small collection
Period:Cretaceous Epoch:Late/Upper Cretaceous
Stage:Campanian 10 m.y. bin:Cretaceous 7
Key time interval:Late/Upper Campanian
Age range of interval:83.60000 - 72.10000 m.y. ago
Formation:Fruitland Member:Fossil Forest
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:planar lamination sandstone
Secondary lithology: lignite
Includes fossils?Y
Includes fossils?Y
Lithology description: "a thin (30-cm thick), sheet-like body of thinly-laminated sandstone...The footprint casts were clearly originally impressed into the underlying lignite bed and then infilled by a sheetflood (unchannelized flow) sand."
Environment:crevasse splay
Modes of preservation:cast,trace
Degree of concentration:dispersed
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Spatial orientation:life position
Preservation of anatomical detail:poor
Temporal resolution:snapshot
Spatial resolution:autochthonous
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:surface (float),field collection
Reason for describing collection:general faunal/floral analysis
Museum repositories:NMMNH
Database number:123590
Authorizer:M. Carrano Enterer:M. Carrano
Modifier:M. Carrano Research group:vertebrate
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Reference information

Primary reference:

39773. S. G. Lucas, R. M. Sullivan, S. E. Jasinski and T. L. Ford. 2011. Hadrosaur footprints from the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, and the ichnotaxonomy of large ornithopod footprints. In R. M. Sullivan, S. G. Lucas and J. A. Spielmann (eds.), Fossil Record 3. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 53:357-362 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]

Secondary references:

55658 R. M. Sullivan and S. G. Lucas. 2014. Stratigraphic distribution of hadrosaurids in the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland, Kirtland, and Ojo Alamo formations, San Juan Basin, New Mexico. In D. A. Eberth & D. C. Evans (ed.), Hadrosaurs 361-384 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]