UB 7111, Cladach a'Ghlinne: Middle Bathonian, United Kingdom
collected by M. Waldman & J. B. Dobinson 1971–

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Where & when
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Taxonomic list
? Actinistia indet.
Evans et al. 2006
Dinosauria indet.
Evans et al. 2006
Mammalia indet.
Evans et al. 2006
"Lacertilia" indet. Owen 1842
Evans and Milner 1994 1 specimen
    = Scincomorpha indet.
Evans and Waldman 1996
NMS G.1992.47.10
Chondrichthyes - Hybodontiformes - Hybodontidae
Hybodontidae indet. (Agassiz 1843)
Evans et al. 2006
"Hybodus" sp. Agassiz 1837
Evans et al. 2006
Chondrichthyes - Hybodontiformes - Acrodontidae
Acrodus sp. Agassiz 1838
Evans et al. 2006
"sp. nov."
Actinopteri - Lepisosteiformes
Lepidotes sp. (Agassiz 1843)
Evans et al. 2006
Caudata indet. Scopoli 1777
Evans et al. 2006 2 specimens
"Kirtlington 'Salamander A'"; NMS G.1992.47.14/15
Marmorerpeton kermacki Evans et al. 1988
Evans et al. 2006 2 specimens
NMS G.1992.47.12, G.1992.47.9
Eileanchelys waldmani n. gen., n. sp. Anquetin et al. 2009
Anquetin et al. 2009 2 individuals
Holotype: NMS G 2004.31.15, paratypes: NMS G 2004.31.16a-f
Reptilia - Testudines
Chelonia indet. (Latreille 1800)
Evans et al. 2006 2 specimens
synonym of Testudines
NMS G.1992.47.37/38
Reptilia - Testudines - Pleurosternidae
? Pleurosternidae indet. Cope 1868
Evans and Milner 1994
Neosauropoda indet. Bonaparte 1986
Evans et al. 2006 1 specimen
"not Cetiosaurus"
    = Eusauropoda indet. Upchurch 1995
Barrett 2006
NMS G 2004.31.1 (or basal titanosauriform)
Theropoda indet. (Marsh 1881)
Evans and Milner 1994
Pterosauria indet. (Kaup 1834)
Evans et al. 2006
"Taxon 1" and "Taxon 2"
Reptilia - Goniopholididae
Crocodylia indet. (Owen 1842)
Evans and Milner 1994 1 specimen
    = ? Goniopholididae indet. Cope 1875
Evans et al. 2006
NMS G.1992.47.6
Atoposauridae indet.
Evans et al. 2006 1 individual
    = cf. Theriosuchus sp. Owen 1878
Tennant et al. 2016
Marmoretta oxoniensis Evans 1991
Waldman and Evans 1994 4 specimens
NMS G 1992.47.1a,b, 1992.47.4, 1992.47.5; Sedgwick Mus. X9991
Reptilia - Squamata
Squamata indet. Oppel 1811
Evans et al. 2006 1 specimen
"taxon nov."; NMS G.1992.47.13
? Gekkota indet. (Cuvier 1817)
Evans and Waldman 1996 1 specimen
NMS G.1992.47.13
Parviraptor sp. Evans 1994
Evans et al. 2006 5 specimens
NMS G.1992.47.28-30/35/36
Reptilia - Squamata - Paramacellodidae
Paramacellodus oweni Hoffstetter 1967
Waldman and Evans 1994 4 specimens
NMS G.1992.47.2/3, G.1992.47.31/32
Cteniogenys sp. Gilmore 1928
Evans et al. 2006 1 individual
NMS G.1992.47.11, G.1992.47.29
Stereognathus hebridicus n. sp. Waldman and Savage 1972
11 specimens
synonym of Stereognathus ooliticus
UBGM 20572. Isolated upper left molar; BRSUG 20573–20575, 29000–29002, 28996–28999
Mammalia - Eupantotheria
Eupantotheria indet. Kermack and Musset 1958
Evans and Milner 1994
Mammalia - Docodonta - Tegotheriidae
Krusatodon sp. Sigogneau-Russell 2003
Evans et al. 2006 1 specimen
Mammalia - Docodonta - Docodontidae
Borealestes serendipitus n. gen., n. sp. Waldman and Savage 1972
Holotype: UBGM 20570. Left mandible with two premolars and part of a third, four molars fully erupted, one unerupted and alveolus of a sixth; Paratype: UBGM 20571, left mandible with four molars
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Country:United Kingdom State/province:Scotland County:Isle of Skye
Coordinates: 57.2° North, 6.1° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:46.6° North, 4.6° East
Basis of coordinate:stated in text
Geographic resolution:outcrop
Period:Jurassic Epoch:Middle Jurassic
Stage:Bathonian 10 m.y. bin:Jurassic 4
Key time interval:Middle Bathonian
Age range of interval:167.70000 - 164.70000 m.y. ago
Geological group:Great Estuarine Formation:Kilmaluag
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Stratigraphy comments: "Ostracod Limestone"
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:gray,blue marl
Includes fossils?Y
Lithology description: The marlstones are dark blue-grey in colour, but weather to a very much paler hue
Environment:lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal
Geology comments: The sediments of the G.E.S. were probably laid down in large, quiet, shallow, warm lagoons, not open directly to the sea, with the sandy beds of the succession indicating river deltas.
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils,mesofossils
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:surface (float),field collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Collectors:M. Waldman & J. B. Dobinson Collection dates:1971–
Also known as:Loch Scavaig, Elgol
Database number:139746
Authorizer:P. Mannion, M. Carrano Enterer:J. Tennant, M. Carrano
Modifier:M. Carrano Research group:vertebrate
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Reference information

Primary reference:

44945. M. Waldman and R. J. G. Savage. 1972. The first Jurassic mammal from Scotland. Journal of the Geological Society 128:119-125 [P. Mannion/J. Tennant]

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