Liuhuanggou bonebed: Late Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian, China

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Taxonomic list
Chondrichthyes - Hybodontiformes - Hybodontidae
Hybodus sp. Agassiz 1834
Martin et al. 2006 300 specimens
"sp. nov."
    = Hybodus cf. huangnidanensis Wang 1977
Klug et al. 2010
SGP 2007/26–30
Chondrichthyes - Hybodontiformes - Acrodontidae
Chondrichthyes indet. Huxley 1880
    = Palaeobates sp.
Martin et al. 2006
Chondrichthyes - Hybodontiformes - Lonchidiidae
Polyacrodus sp. Jaekel 1889
Martin et al. 2006 40 specimens
"sp. nov."
    = Jiaodontus montaltissiums n. gen., n. sp.
Klug et al. 2010
SGP 2007/31-38
Jiaodontus vedenemus n. sp. Klug et al. 2010
Klug et al. 2010 50 specimens
SGP 2007/39-46
Ptycholepiformes - Ptycholepididae
Osteichthyes indet. Huxley 1880
    = cf. Ptycholepididae indet. Brough 1939
Martin et al. 2006
Amphibia - Temnospondyli
Temnospondyli indet. (von Zittel 1887)
Skutschas et al. 2009
SGP2005–10, SGP2005–11, jaw fragments with teeth.
Temnospondyli indet. von Zittel 1887
1 specimen
SGP 2000/13, an anterior dorsal intercentrum and associated pleurocentrum, a left quadratojugal and some indeterminate fragments
    = ? Brachyopoidea indet. Lydekker 1885
Maisch and Matzke 2005
Caudata indet. (Scopoli 1777)
Skutschas et al. 2009
SGP2005–9, right femur proximal fragment
Reptilia - Testudines - Xinjiangchelyidae
Xinjiangchelys qiguensis n. sp. Matzke et al. 2004
Matzke et al. 2004 1 specimen
SGP 2000/5, holotype partial skeleton
Xinjiangchelys radiplicatoides Brinkman et al. 2013
Maisch and Matzke 2014
SGP 2001/34, incomplete posterior half of a plastron, five fragmentary costals and three articulated peripherals
Reptilia - Pterosauria - Rhamphorhynchidae
Rhamphorhynchidae indet. Seeley 1870
Martin et al. 2006
"gen. et sp. nov."
Thyreophora indet. Nopcsa 1915
Martin et al. 2006
Stegosauria indet. Marsh 1877
Martin et al. 2006 1 specimen
SGP 2002/001
Ankylosauria indet. Osborn 1923
Martin et al. 2006
Ankylosauria sp. (Osborn 1923)
Augustin et al. 2020 1 specimen
The specimen (SGP 2002/8) is a partially preserved caudal vertebra comprising most of the centrum and the complete right transverse process.
Reptilia - Theropoda
Ceratosauria indet. (Marsh 1884)
Martin et al. 2006
Carnosauria indet. Huene 1920
Martin et al. 2006
Reptilia - Mamenchisauridae
? Mamenchisauridae indet. Chao 1965
Maisch and Matzke 2019 1 specimen
SGP 2002/005, tooth
Reptilia - Crocodyliformes
Crocodyliformes indet. (Hay 1930)
Wings et al. 2010
Mesoeucrocodylia indet. Whetstone and Whybrow 1983
Wings et al. 2010
Reptilia - Goniopholididae
Reptilia indet. Laurenti 1768
    = Sunosuchus sp. Young 1948
Martin et al. 2006
cf. Sunosuchus sp. Young 1948
Wings et al. 2010
Theriosuchidae indet. Kälin 1955
Martin et al. 2006
    = Theriosuchus sp. Owen 1878
Wings et al. 2010
Reptilia - Shartegosuchidae
Nominosuchus sp. Efimov 1996
Wings et al. 2010
Reptilia - Choristodera
Choristodera indet. Cope 1876
Richter et al. 2010 3 specimens
SGP 2007/6-7, 10
Reptilia - Paramacellodidae
Paramacellodidae indet. Estes 1983
Richter et al. 2010 2 specimens
SGP 2007/1-2
Docodonta indet. Kretzoi 1946
Martin et al. 2010 2 specimens
SGP 2004/10, 2004/26
Docodonta - Docodontidae
Docodonta indet. Kretzoi 1946
14 specimens
SGP 2001/21, 2004/39, 2005/15, 2004/9, 2001/24, 2004/19, 2004/18, 2005/6, 2004/21, 2004/24, 2004/22, 2004/31, 2001/22, 2004/7
    = Dsungarodon zuoi Pfretzschner et al. 2005
Pfretzschner et al. 2005
SGP 21 - holotype (a right lower molar)
Docodonta - Tegotheriidae
Tegotherium sp. Tatarinov 1994
Martin et al. 2010 23 specimens
SGP 2001/23, 2005/7, 2004/32, 2004/23, 2004/25, 2004/34, 2005/13, 2004/30, 2004/36, 2004/20, 2004/11, 2005/8, 2004/3, 2004/29, 2001/25, 2004/26, 2004/27, 2004/35, 2004/37, 2005/12, 2004/28, 2004/5, 2004/13
Mammalia - Eutriconodonta
Eutriconodonta indet. (Kermack et al. 1973)
Martin et al. 2010 1 specimen
SGP 2005/4
Zatheria indet. McKenna 1975
Martin et al. 2006
Nanolestes mackennai n. sp. Martin et al. 2010
Martin et al. 2010 6 specimens
SGP 2004/4, 2004/41, 2004/33, 2005/2, 2005/14, 2004/14
Eleutherodon sp. Kermack et al. 1998
8 specimens
Previously a single molar (SGP 2001/33) was reported by Maisch et al. (2005)
    = Sineleutherus uyguricus n. gen., n. sp. Martin et al. 2010
Martin et al. 2010
SGP 2003/33, 2001/34, 2005/3, 2005/5, 2004/15, 2004/16, 2004/17, 2004/12
Dipnoi - Ceratodontidae
Ceratodontidae indet. Gill 1872
Martin et al. 2006
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Country:China State/province:Xinjiang
Coordinates: 43.6° North, 87.3° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:42.7° North, 102.1° East
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Altitude:867 meters
Geographic resolution:small collection
Period: Jurassic Epoch: Late Jurassic
Stage: Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian 10 m.y. bin: Jurassic 5
Key time interval: Late Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian
Age range of interval: 157.9 - 149.2 m.y. ago
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Stratigraphy comments: 520 m above underlying Toutunhe Formation

Fang et al. 2015: Samples from Qigu were dated to ~151–161Ma using detrital zircon analysis
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:fine,pebbly,intraclastic,green lithified siltstone
Secondary lithology:fine,green,red sandstone
Includes fossils?Y
Includes fossils?Y
Lithology description: "unstratified green clay- and siltstones with numerous small clay pebbles. The top of the bonebed develops into an unstratified greenish to reddish fine-grained sandstone" Ref 26705: "a very hard, unstratified, fine siltstone, with occasional larger components. These components include moderately rounded lithoclasts of different sizes...coprolites, and vertebrate teeth and bones."
Environment:fluvial indet.
Geology comments: "It is possible that the assemblage was transported by a river or stream."
Modes of preservation:body
Degree of concentration:-bonebed
Size of fossils:macrofossils,mesofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:variable
Disassociated major elements:some
Disassociated minor elements:some
Spatial resolution:parautochthonous
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:bulk,sieve,field collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Database number:47056
Authorizer:M. Carrano, R. Benson, E. Dunne, P. Mannion Enterer:M. Carrano, R. Benson, J. Tennant, E. Dunne
Modifier:G. Varnham Research group:vertebrate
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Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

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