La Bastide Neuve: Late/Upper Campanian - Early/Lower Maastrichtian, France
collected by P. Mechin, Germain 1987, 1990, 2009, 2012

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Taxonomic list
Saportanella maslovi
Martin et al. 2016
Platychara caudata
Martin et al. 2016
Chondrichthyes - Hybodontiformes
Hybodontiformes indet. Patterson 1966
Martin et al. 2016
Actinopteri - Lepisosteiformes - Lepisosteidae
Lepisosteidae indet. Cuvier 1825
Martin et al. 2016
Reptilia - Testudines - Bothremydidae
cf. Polysternon sp. Portis 1882
Martin et al. 2016
Podocnemididae indet. Cope 1868
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998 6 specimens
    = Foxemys mechinorum n. gen., n. sp. Tong et al. 1998
Tong et al. 1998
MDEt 10 (holotype), a dorsoventrally crushed skull; an almost complete skull (figs. 103, 104, 107, 281; PAM 511A, Tong et al., 1998: figs. 3–6); an incomplete lower jaw (figs. 235, 236; PAM 511B, Tong et al., 1998: figs. 7, 8); an almost complete and wellpreserved shell in which the plastron is complete and only the posterior part of the carapace is missing (lacking right sixth to eighth costal and part of seventh and eighth left costal bones, eighth to eleventh right peripheral and eleventh left peripheral bones, suprapygal and pygal bones; PAM 548, Tong et al., 1998: figs. 9, 10); a partial shell consisting of the anterior third of the carapace in poor condition and a complete plastron (MDEt 09, Tong et al., 1998: fig. 11); a right scapula-coracoid (MDEt 11); and several isolated plates, an almost complete shell, MHNM uncatalogued
cf. Solemys sp. de Lapparent de Broin and Murelaga 1996
Martin et al. 2016
Dinosauria indet. (Owen 1842)
Database 2015 2 specimens
CM acc. 33679 (field nos. 48-36, 48-45)
Reptilia - Titanosauridae
Megaloolithus aureliensis Vianey-Liaud et al. 1994
Martin et al. 2016
Titanosauridae indet. Lydekker 1885
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
(1 measurement)
    = Saltasauridae indet. Sereno 1998
Chanthasit and Buffetaut 2009
    = Atsinganosaurus velauciensis n. gen., n. sp. Garcia et al. 2010
Garcia et al. 2010
Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Dromaeosauridae
Dromaeosauridae indet. Colbert and Russell 1969
Chanthasit and Buffetaut 2009 6 specimens
CM-203, 307, 186, 218, 537, 684
Variraptor mechinorum n. gen., n. sp. Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998 3 specimens
MDE-D169, CM-645 (2 measurements)
Reptilia - Avetheropoda
Gargantuavis philoinos Buffetaut and Le Loeuff 1998
Buffetaut and Le Loeuff 2011
partial synsacrum
Aves indet. Linnaeus 1758
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
    = Enantiornithes indet. Walker 1981
Buffetaut et al. 2000
Mechin collection no. 606 (complete right tibiotarsus)
Reptilia - Nodosauridae
Ankylosauria indet. Osborn 1923
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
    = Nodosauridae indet. Marsh 1890
Garcia et al. 2010
Reptilia - Rhabdodontidae
Ornithopoda indet. Marsh 1881
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
    = Rhabdodon sp. Matheron 1869
Chanthasit and Buffetaut 2009
Reptilia - Azhdarchidae
Azhdarchidae indet. Nessov 1984
Buffetaut et al. 2006 1 specimen
Right humerus representing an individual with a 3 m wingspan
    = Mistralazhdarcho maggii n. gen., n. sp. Vullo et al. 2018
Vullo et al. 2018
MMS/VBN.09.C.001 - holotype
Reptilia - Crocodylidae
Crocodylidae indet. Cuvier 1807
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
Reptilia - Alligatoridae
Alligatoridae indet. Gray 1844
Le Loeuff and Buffetaut 1998
Allodaposuchus precedens Nopcsa 1928
Martin et al. 2016
MMS/VBN-12-42, a nearly complete skull of a juvenile; MMS/VBN-12-10A, a complete adult skull; MMS/VBN-12-10B, a right dentary associated with the large adult skull MMS/VBN-12- 10A; MMS/VBN-93-28, a dorsoventrally compressed subadult skull; MMS/VBN-12-10D, a juvenile skull table; MMS/VBN-93-29, isolated fragmentary left maxilla; MMS/VBN-93-30, isolated fragmentary right maxilla possibly corresponding to MMS/VBN-93-29; MMS/ VBN-12-10F, one dorsal osteoderm; MMS/VBN-02- 37, a left femur
    = Allodaposuchus sp. Nopcsa 1928
Blanco and Brochu 2016
Acynodon iberoccitanus Buscalioni et al. 1997
Martin 2007
ACAP-FX1 (a complete skull) and ACAP-FX2 (an almost complete skull with premaxillary and maxillary dentition)
Charophyceae - Charales - Feistiellaceae
? Amblyochara begudiana
Martin et al. 2016
Charophyceae - Charales - Characeae
Peckichara pectinata
Martin et al. 2016
Peckichara cancellata
Martin et al. 2016
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Country:France State/province:Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Coordinates: 43.6° North, 6.1° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:34.7° North, 6.2° East
Basis of coordinate:estimated from map
Altitude:424 meters
Geographic resolution:outcrop
Period:Cretaceous Epoch:Late/Upper Cretaceous
*Period:Late/Upper Cretaceous
*International age/stage:Late/Upper Campanian - Early/Lower Maastrichtian
Key time interval:Late/Upper Campanian - Early/Lower Maastrichtian
Age range of interval:83.50000 - 66.00000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Formation:Argiles et Grès à Reptiles
Stratigraphic resolution:group of beds
Stratigraphy comments: part of the Fox-Amphoux syncline; lower Rognacian
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:yellow sandy claystone
Includes fossils?Y
Lithology description: "yellowish sandy clays"
Environment:fluvial indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils,mesofossils
Preservation of anatomical detail:medium
Articulated whole bodies:none
Associated major elements:some
Disassociated major elements:many
Disassociated minor elements:many
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:selective quarrying,mechanical,field collection
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Collectors:P. Mechin, Germain Collection dates:1987, 1990s, 2009, 2012
Also known as:Velaux-La Bastide Neuve, Fox-Amphoux; VBN
Database number:28454
Authorizer:M. Carrano, P. Mannion Enterer:M. Carrano, P. Mannion
Modifier:P. Mannion Research group:vertebrate
Created:2003-02-14 10:41:51 Last modified:2019-08-05 12:17:51
Access level:the public Released:2003-02-14 10:41:51
Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

7841. J. Le Loeuff, E. Buffetaut, P. Méchin and A. Méchin-Salessy. 1992. The first record of dromaeosaurid dinosaurs (Saurischia, Theropoda) in the Maastrichtian of southern Europe: palaeobiogeographical implications. Bulletin de la Société géologique de la France 163(3):337-343 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]

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