Le Bois, Escornebeou, Landes, France: Chattian, France

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Taxonomic list
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Flabellidae
Flabellum sp. Lesson 1831
Flabellum aff. striatum Keferstein 1859
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Caryophylliidae
Caryophyllia (Acanthocyathus) sp. (Milne-Edwards and Haime 1848)
Ceratotrochus (Edwardsotrochus) subcristatus (Milne-Edwards and Haime 1848)
Ceratotrochus (Edwardsotrochus) bellingherianus (Michelin 1841)
Ceratotrochus (Edwardsotrochus) pentaradiatus (Chevalier 1961)
Trochocyathus (Paratrochocyathus) michelottii (d'Achiardi 1868)
recombined as Trochocyathus michelottii
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Agariciidae
Pavona profunda (Reuss 1868)
Pavona ruvida (Prever 1921)
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Poritidae
Porites collegniana Michelin 1842
Goniopora granosa Matheron 1961
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Dendrophylliidae
Balanophyllia sp. Wood 1844
Balanophyllia (Eupsammia) cylindrica (Michelotti 1838)
Dendrophyllia sp. Blainville 1830
Balanophyllia (Eupsammia) guidottii Simonelli 1897
recombined as Dendrophyllia guidottii
Turbinaria cyathiformis (de Blainville 1830)
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Mussidae
Lithophyllia detrita (Michelin 1842)
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Heliastraeidae
Heliastrea (Athecastraea) vesiculosa (Milne-Edwards and Haime 1850)
Heliastraea (Athecastraea) vesiculosa
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Merulinidae
Favites detecta (Michelotti 1871)
Antiguastrea alveolaris (Catullo 1856)
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Rhizangiidae
Astrangia manthelanensis Chevalier 1961
Cladangia semispherica (Defrance 1826)
Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Astrocoeniidae
Astrocoenia bistellata (Catullo 1856)
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Coordinates: 43.8° North, 1.1° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:43.5° North, 3.8° West
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Geographic resolution:outcrop
Period:Paleogene Epoch:Oligocene
Stage:Chattian 10 m.y. bin:Cenozoic 4
*Period:Early/Lower Tertiary *Epoch:Late/Upper Oligocene
Key time interval:Chattian
Age range of interval:28.10000 - 23.03000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Stratigraphic resolution:formation
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: lithified "limestone"
Lithology description: Subreefal limestone with hermatypic and ahermatypic corals
Environment:reef, buildup or bioherm
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Spatial orientation:life position
Preservation of anatomical detail:good
Collection methods and comments
Collection methods:mechanical
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Also known as:Reef 1985
Database number:22968
Authorizer:W. Kiessling Enterer:W. Kiessling
Modifier:W. Kiessling Research group:marine invertebrate
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Creative Commons license:CC BY
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6613. C. Chaix and B. Cahuzac. 2001. Une faune inédite de coraux scléractiniaires dans le gisement chattien d'Escornebéou (Landes, SW France); stratigraphie, systématique et paléoécologie. Annales de Paléontologie 87(1):3-47 [W. Kiessling/W. Kiessling/W. Kiessling]