E. J. A. d’Archiac and E.P. de Verneuil 1842

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E. J. A. d’Archiac and E.P. de Verneuil. 1842. On the fossils of the older deposits in the Rhenish Provinces, preceded by a general survey of the fauna of the Palaeozoic rocks, and followed by a tabular list of the organic remains of the Devonian system in Europe. Transactions of the Geological Society of London, Series 2 6(3):303-410 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  12010
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Modified:  2005-01-14 10:20:16
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Comments: Taxonomic work
Taxonomic names (82)
Agnesia elegans, Antitrochus elegans, Babinicardia clathrata, Bellerophon murchisoni, Bensbergia schlotheimi, Bigalea clathra, Buccinum schlotheimi, Cardium alaeforme clathratum, Cardium aliforme clathratum, Cardium lyelli, Cardium villmarense, Cirrus leonhardi, Coelocentrus goldfussi, Conocardium clathratum, Conocardium lyelli, Conocardium villmarense, Delphinula leonhardi, Devonorhineoderma beaumonti, Devonorhineoderma decussata, Devonorhineoderma lonsdalei, Devonorhineoderma orbignyana, Euchelus purpura, Euomphalus goldfussi, Euomphalus labadyei, Euomphalus laevis, Euomphalus planorbis, Euomphalus schnurii, Euomphalus serpula, Euryzone leonhardi, Limburgia squamifer, Limburgia squamiferus, Littorina purpura, Macrochilina schlotheimi, Monodonta purpura, Monodonta purpurea, Murchisonia (Murchisonia) coronata, Murchisonia (Murchisonia) tricincta, Murchisonia angulata a, Murchisonia bigranulosa, Murchisonia binodosa, Murchisonia coronata, Murchisonia defrancei, Murchisonia intermedia, Murchisonia tricincta, Natica margaritifera, Natirhenia margaritifera, Nodeuomphalus labadyei, Omphalocirrus goldfussi, Philoxene laevis, Plagiothyra purpura, Plagiothyra purpurea, Pleurotomaria beaumonti, Pleurotomaria catenulata, Pleurotomaria decussata, Pleurotomaria defrancei, Pleurotomaria defrancii, Pleurotomaria elegans, Pleurotomaria exaltata, Pleurotomaria limbatus, Pleurotomaria lonsdalei, Pleurotomaria lonsdalii, Pleurotomaria orbignyana, Pleurotomaria orbignyi, Pseudomphalotrochus leonhardi, Pseudophorus limbatus, Rhineoderma orbignyana, Schizostomica tricincta, Serpulospira serpula, Solarium serpula, Solenospira tricincta, Straparollus laevis, Straparollus planorbis, Turbo orbignyanus, Turbo squamifer, Turbo squamiferus, Ulungaratoconcha bigranulosa, Ulungaratoconcha binodosa, Ulungaratoconcha coronata, Ulungaratoconcha intermedia, Villmaria catenulata, Wuxuanella bigranulosa, Wuxuanella binodosa