S. Peng and R. A. Robison 2000

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S. Peng and R. A. Robison. 2000. Agnostid biostratigraphy across the Middle-Upper Cambrian boundary in Hunan, China. Journal of Paleontology Memoir 53 [A. Miller/A. Hendy/A. Hendy]
ID number:  13139
Created:  2005-04-10 10:15:46
Modified:  2005-04-10 12:15:46
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Taxonomic names (82)
Acmarhachis apicula, Agnostardis amplinatis, Agnostogonus incognitus, Agnostus babcocki, Agnostus bituberculatus, Agnostus cicer, Agnostus exsculptus, Agnostus exsculptus sulcifera, Agnostus incertus, Agnostus kjerulfi, Agnostus koerferi, Agnostus lundgreni, Agnostus obsoletus, Agnostus prolongus, Agnostus repandus, Ammagnostus adchinensis, Ammagnostus cryptus, Ammagnostus histus, Ammagnostus hunanensis, Ammagnostus wangcunensis, Aspidagnostus chekiangensis, Aspidagnostus lunulosus, Aspidagnostus stictus, Aspidagnostus taoyuanensis, Baltagnostus ambonus, Clavagnostus burnsi, Clavagnostus lunulosus, Clavagnostus repandus, Clavagnostus spinosus, Clavagnostus sulcatus, Diplagnostus floralis, Doryagnostus incertus, Euagnostus opimus, Formosagnostus latus, Glaberagnostus altaicus, Glaberagnostus bituberculatus, Glaberagnostus cicer, Goniagnostus fumicola, Goniagnostus scanensis, Goniagnostus scarabaeus, Goniagnostus venustus, Hadragnostus modestus, Hypagnostus brachydolonus, Hypagnostus brevifrons, Hypagnostus kendectasicus, Hypagnostus sulcifer, Idolagnostus agrestis, Kormagnostus inventus, Lejopyge lundgreni, Lejopyge multifora, Lejopyge sinensis, Linguagnostus kjerulfi, Linguagnostus paibiensis, Linguagnostus reconditus, Linguagnostus stenus, Lisogoragnostus hybus, Lisogoragnostus mictus, Oidalagnostus changi, Oidalagnostus personatus, Oidalagnostus trispinifer, Ovalagnostus personatus, Oxyagnostus apicula, Peratagnostus cicer, Peratagnostus obsoletus, Phoidagnostus bituberculatus, Proagnostus modestus, Pseudagnostina vicaria, Pseudagnostus koerferi, Pseudagnostus prolongus, Pseudophalacroma lundgreni, Pseudophalacroma scanense, Pseudophalacroma triangularis, Ptychagnostus affinis, Ptychagnostus affinis, Ptychagnostus leptus, Tomagnostella exsculpta, Tomagnostella sulcifera, Tomorhachis, Tomorhachis spinosa, Toragnostus bituberculatus, Utagnostus songae, Utagnostus trispinulus
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