Y. C. Hong 1984

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Y. C. Hong. 1984. Fossil insects in the diatoms of Shanwang. Bulletin of the Tianjin Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources 8:1-15 [D. Smith/E. Leckey/M. Clapham]
ID number:  15208
Created:  2005-11-18 15:37:26
Modified:  2022-02-09 23:10:49
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  Chinese
Comments: Abstract and scientific names in English
Taxonomic names (75)
Abia shanwangensis, Aliscarabaeus, Aliscarabaeus granulatus, Anomala furva, Aphaenogaster (Sinaphaenogaster) shanwangensis, Aphaenogaster shanwangensis, Apis (Synapis) miocenica, Apis miocenica, Atactogaster granulata, Bibio shanwangensis, Brachyopteris, Brachyopteris shanwangensis, Camponotites xiejiaheensis, Camponotus shanwangense, Camponotus shanwangensis, Chlaenius furvus, Coreiopsis, Coreiopsis punctata, Coroides, Coroides xiejiaheense, Engonius alviolatus, Ephemerella, Ephemerella shanwangensis, Ephemerellidae, Ephemeroptera, Eumenes shanwangensis, Fulgoropsis, Fulgoropsis fusca, Geotrupes jiaoyanshanense, Gerstaeckerus alviolatus, Heptagenia shanwangensis, Homoptera, Lathrobium xiejiaheense, Macrolinus sinicus, Magniscarabaeus, Magniscarabaeus furvus, Megacarabus, Megacarabus shanwangense, Megaxyela xiejiaheensis, Mesosa expansa, Miocarabus, Miocarabus alviolatus, Obitiscarabaeus, Obitiscarabaeus jiaoyanshanense, Oecophylla xiejiaheensis, Oxycephala xiejiaheensis, Paraphaenogaster shanwangensis, Paraphaeogaster shanwangense, Pemphredon spinalatum, Plecopteroidea, Procarabus, Procarabus punctatus, Procimbex, Procimbex shanwangensis, Pseudoperla, Pseudoperla shanwangensis, Rabidia, Rabidia xiejiaheensis, Serrulus, Serrulus sinicus, Shanwangicarabus, Shanwangicarabus furvus, Sinocalosoma, Sinocaralosoma, Sinocaralosoma expansa, Sinocaralosoma expansum, Sinocurculia, Sinocurculia granulata, Sinostigma, Sinostigma spinalata, Symphyta, Tachinus xiejiaheense, Tiphia shanwangensis, Trachylophus shanwangensis, Xyelecia xiejiaheensis
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