W. Yü 1979

Full reference
W. Yü. 1979. Earliest Cambrian monoplacophorans and gastropods from western Hubei with their biostratigraphical significance. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 18(3):233-270 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  15307
Created:  2005-11-25 18:25:59
Modified:  2010-11-27 11:48:08
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  Chinese
Taxonomic names (82)
Actinoconus, Actinoconus pyriformis, Anabarella emeiensis, Archaeospira, Archaeospira eximia, Archaeospira imbricata, Archaeospira ornata, Archaeotremaria, Archaeotremaria polytremata, Asperoconus, Asperoconus granuliferus, Bemella amplaperata, Bemella mirabilis, Bemella simplex, Cambrospira, Cambrospira sinensis, Carinopelta mirabilis, Centriconus, Centriconus lepidus, Dorispira lauta, Emarginoconus, Emarginoconus mirus, Eosoconus, Eosoconus formosus, Eosoconus primarius, Granoconus, Granoconus trematus, Helcionella radiata, Helcionella tianzhushanensis, Huangshandogoconus, Huangshandogoconus pileus, Igarkiella elegans, Igarkiella mirabilis, Igorella cyrtoliformis, Igorella emeiensis, Igorella hamata, Laticonus, Laticonus xiadongensis, Latirostratus, Latirostratus amplaperatus, Latouchella huangshandongensis, Latouchella lauta, Latouchella sanxiaensis, Liantuoconus, Liantuoconus pulchrus, Maidipingoconus, Merismoconcha, Merismoconcha multisegmentata, Obtusoconus, Obtusoconus multicostatus, Obtusoconus paucicostatus, Oelandiella eximia, Oelandiella ornata, Prosinuites lepidus, Protoconus, Protoconus crestatus, Protoconus elegans, Pseudoscenella hujingtanensis, Purella elegans, Purella tianzhushanensis, Scenella hujingtanensis, Scenella radiata, Securiconus emeiensis, Securiconus simplex, Sinuconus, Sinuconus clypeus, Sinuconus undatus, Spatuloconus, Spatuloconus rudis, Stenotheca emeiensis, Tianzhushanospira, Tianzhushanospira unicarinata, Trenella lauta, Truncatoconus, Truncatoconus yichangensis, Xiadongoconus, Xiadongoconus luminosus, Yangtzeconus, Yangtzeconus priscus, Yangtzespira, Yangtzespira eximia, Yunanospira
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