T. A. Conrad 1842

Full reference
T. A. Conrad. 1842. Observations on the Silurian and Devonian systems of the United States, with descriptions of new organic remains. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 8(2):228-280 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  15555
Created:  2006-01-04 08:20:37
Modified:  2006-01-04 10:20:37
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (95)
Amphiscapha catilloides, Asaphus corycoeus, Astartella concentrica, Avicula spinigera, Bellerophon (Pharkidonotus) percarinatus, Bellerophon curvilineatus, Bellerophon percarinatus, Bellerophon pericarinatus, Bembexia capillaria, Bembexia sulcomarginata, Calvibembexia sulcomarginata, Conocardium attenuata, Conocardium attenuatum, Cyclonema bilex, Cyclonema bilix, Cyclonema bilix fluctuatum, Cypricardites recurvus, Cyrtolites trentonensis, Cyrtostropha subulata, Decoroproetus corycoeus, Devonorhineoderma capillaria, Diaphorostoma lineata, Diaphorostoma lineatum, Diaphorostoma ventricosum, Dictyomaria capillaria, Dictyotomaria capillaria, Euomphalus catilloides, Floweria chemungensis, Glyptomaria (Dictyomaria) capillaria, Glyptotomaria capillaria, Gunnarella corrugata, Gyroma capillaria, Hemipronites chemungensis, Hippocardia attenuata, Holopella subulata, Hormotoma subulata, Inachus catilloides, Leptaena corrugata, Leptodesma spinigerum, Lingula curta, Loxonema subulata, Microdon, Mourlonia capilaria, Mourlonia capillaria, Murchisonia subulata, Naticonema lineata, Naticonema lineatum, Nuculites concentrica, Orthis corrugata, Orthis corrugata, Orthothetes chemungensis, Oxydiscus curvilineatus, Pharkidonotus percarinatus, Platyceras (Platyostoma), Platyceras (Platyostoma) lineatum, Platyceras expansus, Platyceras ventricosum, Platyostoma, Platyostoma (Platyostoma), Platyostoma lineata, Platyostoma lineatum, Platyostoma unisulcata, Platyostoma ventricosum, Platystoma, Platystoma lineata, Platystoma unisulcata, Pleurorhynchus attenuatus, Pleurotomaria (Gyroma) capillaria, Pleurotomaria bilix, Pleurotomaria capillaria, Pleurotomaria sphaerulata, Pleurotomaria sulcomarginata, Pleurotomaria unisulcata, Productella lachrymosa, Productus (Productella) lachrymosus, Proetus corycoeus, Pseudolingula curta, Pteronites spinigerus, Schizostoma catilloides, Schizostomica catilloides, Schuchertella chemungensis, Straparollus (Amphiscapha) catilloides, Straparollus (Euomphalus) catilloides, Straparolus catilloides, Streptorhynchus chemungensis, Stropheodonta corrugata, Strophodonta corrugata, Strophomena chemungensis, Strophomena corrugata, Strophomena lachrymosa, Strophostylus ventricosus, Trepospira sphaerulata, Tropidocyclus curvilineatus, Tropidodiscus curvilineatus, Whidbornella lachrymosa