R. J. Horný 2000

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R. J. Horný. 2000. Tachloconcha gen. n. and Spirina Kayser, 1889, two additional Lower Palaeozoic gastropods with preserved retractor muscle attachment scars. Bulletin of the Czech Geological Survey 75(4):415-426 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  16056
Created:  2006-01-25 10:44:37
Modified:  2006-01-25 12:44:37
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
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'Holopea interupta is recombined as Tachloconcha interupta' according to R. J. Horný 2000
'Spirina symmetrica belongs to Spirina' according to R. J. Horný 2000
'Tachloconcha belongs to Platyceratidae' according to R. J. Horný 2000
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