F.T. Fürsich 2006

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F.T. Fürsich. 2006. Unpublished data from Kachchh. [F. Fursich/F. Fursich/F. Fursich]
ID number:  17728
Created:  2006-06-13 07:32:46
Modified:  2006-07-06 08:21:29
Publication type:  unpublished
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Comments: These are data I have collected from the Jurassic of Kachchh during the years 1988-2004.
Taxonomic opinions (3) - view classification
'Actinostroma expansum belongs to Actinostroma' according to Hall and Whitfield 1873
'Corbulomima macneillii belongs to Corbulomima' according to Morris 1900
'Endophyllum bowerbanki belongs to Endophyllum' according to MilneEdwards and Haime 1851
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