L. G. de Koninck 1863

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L. G. de Koninck. 1863. Descriptions of some fossils from India, discovered by Dr. A. Fleming of Edinburgh. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 19:1-19 [G. Webster/G. Webster]
ID number:  21418
Created:  2007-02-26 19:04:45
Modified:  2007-02-26 21:04:45
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (69)
Acrodus flemingianus, Anomia lawrenciana, Aviculopecten asiaticus, Aviculopecten crebristriatus, Bellerophon decipiens, Bellerophon jonesi, Bellerophon jonesianus, Bellerophon orientalis, Ceratites buchianus, Ceratites davidsonianus, Ceratites flemingianus, Ceratites hauerianus, Ceratites latifimbriatus, Ceratites lawrencianus, Ceratites lyellianus, Ceratites murchisonianus, Ceratites planulatus, Cidaris forbesiana, Clisiophyllum indicum, Dentalium herculeum, Entalis herculea, Eocidaris forbesiana, Fenestella megastoma, Fenestella sykesii, Flemingites flemingianus, Foordiceras flemingianum, Goniatites gangeticus, Isastraea arachnoidea, Koninckites davidsonianus, Koninckites lyellianus, Lecanites gangeticus, Macrocheilus avellanoides, Macrocheilus depilis, Macrochilina (Sphaerodoma) avellanoides, Macrochilina avellanoides, Meekoceras planulatum, Nautilus flemingianus, Norites planulatus, Oldhamina decipiens, Orthoceras decrescens, Orthoceras rachidium, Orthoceras vesiculosum, Pecten asiaticus, Pecten crebristria, Pecten flemingianus, Permocidaris forbesi, Permocidaris forbesiana, Philocrinus, Philocrinus cometa, Phyllopora cribellum, Phyllopora haimeana, Plagioglypta herculea, Plagioglypta herculeum, Pleurophorus imbricatus, Polypora megastoma, Polypora sykesi, Prionolobus buchianus, Proptychites latifimbriatus, Proptychites lawrencianus, Protoretepora haimeana, Ptychites lawrencianus, Retepora lepida, Richthofenia lawrenciana, Saurichthys indicus, Soleniscus avellanoides, Solenopsis imbricata, Strobeus avellanoides, Waagenella jonesianus, Xenodiscus buchianus
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