R. J., Jr. Ross 1951

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R. J., J.r. Ross. 1951. Stratigraphy of the Garden City Formation in northeastern Utah, and its trilobite faunas. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History Bulletin 6:1-161 [S. Finnegan/S. Finnegan/P. Wagner]
ID number:  25414
Created:  2007-10-01 16:55:30
Modified:  2022-01-04 18:49:39
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: Despite the title, this paper also lists occurrences of brachiopods, graptolites, and other macrofossils besides trilobites. The systematic section, however, is limited to trilobites.
Taxonomic names (98)
Acidiphorus williamsi, Amblycranium, Amblycranium cornutum, Amblycranium populus, Amblycranium variabile, Amechilus, Amechilus palaora, Bellefontia acuminiferentis, Bellefontia chamberlaini, Carolinites genacinaca, Clelandia utahensis, Dimeropygiella, Dimeropygiella caudanodosa, Eleutherocentrus williamsi, Flectihystricurus acumennasus, Flectihystricurus flectimembrus, Forteyops sexapugia, Genalaticurus genalatus, Gladiatoria gladiator, Goniophrys, Goniophrys prima, Goniotelina williamsi, Hillyardina, Hillyardina marginauctum, Hillyardina semicylindrica, Hintzecurus paragenalatus, Hintzeia celsaora, Hyperbolochilus, Hyperbolochilus marginauctum, Hypothetica, Hypothetica rawi, Hystricurus acumennasus, Hystricurus contractus, Hystricurus flectimembrus, Hystricurus genalatus, Hystricurus genulatus, Hystricurus oculilunatus, Hystricurus paragenalatus, Hystricurus politus, Hystricurus robusta, Hystricurus robustus, Ischyrotoma caudanodosa, Jeffersonia peltabella, Kawina sexapugia, Kirkella declevita, Kirkella declivita, Lachnostoma, Lachnostoma latucelsum, Lichnocephala, Licnocephala, Licnocephala bicornuta, Macropyge gladiator, Menoparia, Menoparia genalunata, Pachycranium, Pachycranium faciclunis, Paenebeltella, Paenebeltella vultulata, Parahystricurus, Parahystricurus carinatus, Parahystricurus fraudator, Parahystricurus oculirotundus, Parahystricurus pustulosus, Peltabellia peltabella, Politicurus politus, Protopliomerella contracta, Protopliomerops celsaora, Protopliomerops contracta, Protopliomerops superciliosa, Psalikilus, Psalikilus typicum, Pseudoclelandia, Pseudoclelandia cornupsittaca, Pseudoclelandia fluxafissura, Pseudoclelandia lenisora, Pseudoclelanida, Pseudocybele, Pseudocybele nasuta, Pseudohystricurus, Pseudohystricurus obesus, Pseudohystricurus rotundus, Ptyocephalus declevita, Ptyocephalus declevitus, Ptyocephalus declivita, Ptyocephalus declivitus, Pyraustocranium, Pyraustocranium orbatum, Remopleuridiella, Remopleuridiella caudalimbata, Rossaspis superciliosa, Scinocephalus, Scinocephalus solitecti, Tesselacauda, Tesselacauda depressa, Trigonocerca, Trigonocerca typica, Xenostegium acuminiferentis, Xenostegium franklinense