C. Radulescu and P.-M. Samson 1989

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C. Radulescu and P.-M. Samson. 1989. Contribution to the knowledge of the mammalian faunas from Malusteni and Beresti (Romania). Order Insectivora, family Talpidae. Miscellanea Speologica Romanica 1:303-311 [L. van den Hoek Ostende/L. van den Hoek Ostende/M. Uhen]
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Created:  2007-10-12 15:40:29
Modified:  2018-09-21 10:18:53
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
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'Talpa neagui belongs to Talpa' according to C. Radulescu and P.-M. Samson 1989
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