C. W. Walcott 1908

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C. W. Walcott. 1908. Cambrian Brachiopoda: descriptions of new genera and species. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 53(3):53-137 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  26497
Created:  2008-02-17 21:01:15
Modified:  2008-02-17 23:01:15
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (83)
Acrothele (Redlichella), Acrothele artemis, Acrothele bellapunctata, Acrothele bergeroni, Acrothele borgholmensis, Acrothele levisensis, Acrothele spurri, Acrothele subsidua, Acrothele subsidua hera, Acrothele turneri, Acrothele woodworthi, Acrothele yorkensis, Acrotheloidea, Acrotreta bellatula, Acrotreta marjumensis, Acrotreta ophirensis descendens, Acrotreta rudis, Acrotreta ulrichi, Billingsella marion, Botsfordia barrandei, Clarkella, Dearbornia, Dearbornia clarki, Dicellomus prolificus, Eoorthis, Eoorthis newberryi, Eoorthis thyone, Eoorthis zeno, Eothele spurri, Fordinia, Fordinia perfecta, Huenella, Huenella etheridgei, Huenella lesleyi, Lingulella (Lingulepis) acuminata, Lingulella (Lingulepis) acuminata sequens, Lingulella ampla, Lingulella buttsi, Lingulella texana, Lingulepis ella, Linnarssonella modesta, Linnarssonella nitens, Linnarssonella transversa, Linnarssonella urania, Mickwitzia occidens, Mickwitzia pretiosa, Micromitra (Iphidella) louise, Micromitra (Iphidella) nyssa, Micromitra (Paterina) stuarti, Micromitra (Paterina) wapta, Micromitra (Paterina) williardi, Micromitra haydeni, Nisusia (Jamesella) kanabensis, Nisusia (Jamesella) lowi, Nisusia rara, Obolella excelsis, Obolus (Fordinia), Obolus (Fordinia) gilberti, Obolus (Fordinia) perfectus, Obolus (Mickwitzella), Obolus (Mickwitzella) siluricus, Obolus (Westonia), Obolus (Westonia) dartoni, Obolus (Westonia) ella, Obolus (Westonia) ella onaquiensis, Obolus (Westonia) elongatus, Obolus (Westonia) wasatchensis, Obolus membranaceous, Obolus parvus, Obolus siluricus, Obolus smithi, Obolus tetonensis leda, Obolus wortheni, Syntrophia cambria, Syntrophia campbelli, Syntrophia unxia, Trematobolus excelsis, Tropidoglossa modesta, Wimanella, Wimanella inyoensis, Wimanella rara, Wimanella shelbyensis, Wimanella simplex
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